Monday, January 26, 2015

Dreamy Plaster Scroll & some Moonshadow Mists

I'm always on the hunt for something quirky and unusual at the second hand store. In fact, I was pretty pleased when I spotted a plaster decorative scroll way in the back the other day.

Of course it wasn't marked. I always manage to drag a couple of those items up to the counter and make the poor lady come up with a price. She may have made a face. It was painted white and a smidge dirty. A dollar and it was all mine. ;-)

Turns out the dirt was more like peeling paint and grunge. The dishwasher got the dirt & paint all loose, exposing the plaster under it. A bit of scrubbing and it was ready for color. The plaster made it a PERFECT candidate for some mists!

I primarly used two Moonshadow Mists from Lindy's Stamp Gang called Treasure Island Aqua and Silhouette Silver. I really enjoy the shimmer & color from the Moonshadow mists.

I accented those two mists with with Heidi Swapp Mists in Blue Sarcelle and Citron.

You can see some of the spots the citron & blue collected in. It's really pretty in real life.

I did use quite a bit of both Moonshadow mists to get the color so dark. After it all dried, I used a clear spray to deepen the colors & because mist is water soluable.

It's up on the wall in my office and brings me joy when I look at it. Pretty good for a dollar and using some scrapbooking supplies!

Happy Monday!


  1. Sensational!!! LOOOVE those mix of colours. Another fabbo bargain:)

  2. This is my third attempt. Love all those "protections" etc. Hey, do you do house calls? I have some stuff (commonly referred to as furniture) that could be BEAUUUUTIFUL with your help!

  3. Oh wow this looks like some treasure from ancient Egypt or something.. looks amazing..


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