Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Shore Excursion: Key West

Another one of my preppared pages, this one was also a snap to get wrapped up. The best part was mashing up one of those cocktail umbrellas so I could upcyle it for my page.

Just a few photos of our walk around Key West, our shore excursion on the second day. It was awesome! I could totally go hang out in Key West for days!

There is even a token photo of a rooster. Part of the charm were the free range chickens!

We enjoyed some ice cream downtown and seeing all the cool shops!

Wish we were back!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Hi There! This looks fantastic, I love the mixed sizes of the photos, great back ground and love the little umbrella too!! Have a good week!

  2. I spy a doily stencil!!!! Loving the mushed up cocktail umbrella:)!!!!! GORG page:)!!!

  3. Love the colors in this page.


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