Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Great Boob Smashing of 2015

  1. Wear Deodorant
  2. Wear Cute Bra, yes they will not see it, but you will know you wore it and feel better
  3. Ditto for underwear
  4. Actually do hair for once, because you are going out in public and it's been a few days ;-)
  5. Purchase cupcake just in case it sucks donkey ass
  6. Start car early so you don't freeze butt off since it's in the negatives
Oh caught me making a list for next year when I undergo my next yearly boob smashing. Had my first Oh look you turned 40 you better make this appointment or your tits will fall off boob smashing just yesterday. 

Honestly I turned 40 last year, but got to skip a year since the doc said that it might be better to keep all the imaging in the same place & we were moving. Sounded very important to me so I opted to skip. Plus I was kinda chicken. 

New hospital is just down the road. A fact that was not ignored by the lady giving the exam part of the procedure. I ended up having a full blown conversation while somebody felt my boobies and that was a bit rough on my head. However, I dug down deep and pulled out those skills I use at the dentist, which by the way seems to be more annoying than a boob smashing. 

She was all excited as she knew what house I lived in. She had hoped that we had bought the Tudor house that was for sale just recently but that came on the market after this one.

She then passed me off to her counterpart who wrangled my boobies and body under the smashing devices in a dark room. Here, put these stickers on. Oh my, little baby nipple band aides with flowers on them. (They hurt coming off, which was the worst of the whole thing I think)

Making light of the situation, I told her what THE MAN had texted me when I complained about wearing a hospital bracelet. He said that when one pops, it's so they could identify me. 

I may or may not have texted him back something extra sweet.

Anyhow, get your cha cha's checked yearly and don't forget to self exam! Oh and also don't forget the deserve it!


  1. HA!! If one pops he could identify you! LOVE that!! LOL!!!!

  2. Brilliant story and fun to read even though it was al about a serious matter...and I do agree with you why we should put our self through this.... ...and like Julie..a loved the "If one pops he could identify you" :)

  3. Well done you! I got done end of 2014. Hate it.... But..... Cup cake rewards make it all worth while!!!!

  4. Good for you! I've had mine squeezed twice and the second time so hard, my gall bladder ruptured. Only kidding..totally separate thing. However, cupcakes are good for those appointments too.
    Great post chica!!

  5. Really great post. I totally agree with the cupcake tip. Maybe even more than one?


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