Monday, January 5, 2015

3 D House Cottage Style for THE CUTTING CAFE

This week it's a choose your own adventure over at THE CUTTING CAFE. Well, that means Regina lets you pick your own files to work with and I have had a hankering to try my hand at making one of her 3 D Houses again. Or in this case, merging three houses together!

I had a theory it would work and cut three sets of the tall houses just in case. 

There are two on the bottom glued together (the larger piece behind the door is hiding the seam. And the one on top. I cut it carefully so it would slide onto the roof and used LOTS of hot glue to hold them together. 

Perched up on the roof next to the super cool chimney the file comes with, is a bird's nest! 

It makes me happy along with my moss grass and all those super big pink roses!

My favorite part of this house are the shutters, windows and the door with the pearl handle! It comes with all those files too so you have all you need to make your own litte cottage!

Have a happy Monday! 


  1. I seriously want to craft with you one day. Your the bomb girl

  2. Oh MY! It's like your very own gingerbread cottage. made to order!!! LOOOOVE the flowers. This is soooo pretty!!!

  3. That is a sweetest thing! You are so clever to put the houses together like that, and I love the flowers!! love the scallops on the roof too!! I hope you have had a Happy New Year!

  4. Love this cute!! Xx

  5. You really have to zoom in too see all the incredible detail you added to this construction...It's a hoot to find something new with each look. I love the damask embossing, the glitter scallops, glitter dots I'm the roof, the teal colored shutters and the fabulous best and flowers. It's a beautiful home ave cleverly designed!!

    1. correct on my phone is horrible so good luck making sense of that message. I meant on, and, and nest. Lol!


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