Thursday, January 8, 2015

You Are A Star Box for LESSology's Cardboard Challenge

A sturdy black cardboard box is never ever something that gets tossed at my house. The sturdy part means you can go all multimedia on it and it won't sag or warp.

See, it's a nice black box & was so easy to alter! Well, it is nicer in my opinion of course with feet.

See them peeking out there? Can you guess what they are?

Old fuses that are spray painted gold! I know, they have such a nice shape.

One of my favorite parts of this box are the microbeads I added along the edge with glue. You can see a glue drip that I left because I thought it was pretty.

How about that flower! It was a gift from Yvonne, LESSology's owner! Isn't it delicious?

We'd love for you to play along with our cardboard challenge over at LESSology! I am sure you have a sturdy box hiding somewhere in your house! I'm planning on adding a gift into mine at some point for a nice present! Easy peasy!


  1. Love the project and the old fuses for base is great idea.. :)

  2. NICE photo taking of an even NICER box......still can't get over those legs! I thought they were lid tops!!! Embarrassing. I know! And the orange flower is perfection!!!

  3. Love that flower! The fuses are a GREAT idea. You and that creative mind of yours, just a clicking away. Someone is going to be happy happy when they receive this.

  4. Oh that looks like such a fun thing to make!! Looks lovely!

  5. Your black box turned out to a beautiful and stunning creation. I love those old fuses being upcycled to become the feet....a really brilliant idea...and toping it all of with that gorgeous orange flower...Love it!!!!

  6. LOVE it. I now need feet on all my boxes.

  7. Love how you alter things and give them a new life, this looks wonderful, love the flower and doiley on the top!


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