Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Good Chi Restored & Mini Office Tour

I was pretty disappointed when I moved in my new office/studio and realized that the pretty little tile "shelf" that took up the whole side of the room made it really difficult to arrange furniture. Lucky for me, my shredder accidentally crashed into one of the tiles & broke it. While I was unhappily putting it back together, I realized that the tiles were just glued onto cement blocks.

THE MAN and I had been putting off taking out the shelf as it seemed a little daunting, seeing how the cement blocks were likely to be cemented in. Thankfully when we finally did tackle it a few weekends back, they came right out! In fact, I saved nearly all the tiles! Not sure what I'll do with them, but one never knows...

Here is what the floor & wall looked like after everything was removed.

I then painted the wall on the bottom, painted the floor a brick-ish color, and then we added trim! And spent an hour or two rearranging my office...Love my new layout!

I am still not settled completely, but it's a lot better of a layout than when I was first into the space during the summer. Plus, I can fit more furniture!

Here's the other side! THE MAN says we might redo that brown shelf at some point...I can't wait!

While we were messing around with molding, we added a really old yard stick to my black shelf.

All my little things are so much fun....and make me happy when I turn around from working at my desk!

Hope your Hump Day is fabulous! I'm back tomorrow with a preview to a project I'm tackling!


  1. Love the new look. Glad you could save some of the tiles, I know you will think of some way to use them.

  2. oh my love your space and that huge window is just the icing on the that you hit against the tiles..i keep putting off damaging a few things here in the house so that i can tell hubby LOOK THIS THING JUST CAME APART....time for a new one...hahahaha

  3. It's looking really good...I can see why removing that ledge has made you happy...& that yard stick & the self of your special things looks yum! So does the snow in the yard out the window ;)!!!!!!!!

  4. Holy cow Mitra!!! I lurve your crafty space and you've given me so many ideas. My hubby is gonna love you when I tell him I am reorganizing my craft room. ;)

  5. You have a great space. Love all the special touches only you could make :) Love playing at less~ology!!!

  6. Your office looks great, Mitra! Taking off those blue tiles is really a good decision, because for me, the simpler the design is, the better it looks. You did a great job here, and I hope that you're doing well right now. Good day! :)

    Derrick George @ ZZone31 Indiana


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