Friday, January 30, 2015

My Kind of Day Layout

I'm still cruising through my cruise photos and making layouts!

Used a lovely stamp I got for my birthday from Marilyn and a ton of scraps. I started tucking things in various places after I added some washi tape. That butterfly and those pretty orange roses make me happy!

Love those layers! Even squeezed in one of the ID cards from the boat and a cool piece of vellum!

What a fun photo! Our cruise ship is in the background and we had just gotten off in Key West, Florida! Fun times!

Hope your Friday flies along and you are at the weekend asap!

This is autoposting as I'll be at a safety training at our main office learning about frostbite and ticks....yeah. It needs to be Saturday already! ;-)


  1. Wow!! I loveeeeeee this! The mix of patterns works wonderfully!!!!!

  2. Love that vellum, the butterfly & most of all how you've clipped them together. That looks great! AAAND I see some of your hand dyed ribbon up the top, too. It looks great!!!

  3. Love those wide strips of papers, love the butterfly and bling too! Fabulous layout!

  4. Love your layout. What a cute picture of you guys. Great way to use up scrap pieces. Makes me feel warm just looking at it.


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