Thursday, December 18, 2014

I Thought It Would be Bigger

I thought it would be bigger...Spoken by women around the world and most recently texted to me by my sister in law when she saw my tree.

I on the other hand had a really good idea how short my tree would be. Little Gram Mero is only four feet tall and one hairy eye ball of hers hits you mid chest...

This is of course why I had to have a tall tree topper and used the treestand tipped upside down for my fake tree experiment. She needed a little boostie...

First let me say publicly I do hope my parents don't disown me. They just got over the great tattoo incident of 2012. They grow Christmas trees for a living. So owning a fake tree...even if it is very small is probaby not cool. Add in the fact it's and white...good luck to me!

My Christmas tree buying budget was very low from the theory I didn't know if I'd even LIKE a fake tree. So $25 for the tree, $10 in frosting and then I made my own icicles. I figured if I really hated it, I could always donate it.

I honestly like it best NOT decorated. Isn't that odd?

But I'm in enjoying it now with all my icicles...

So pretty with all the lights. 

From a laying on the floor position...

And speaking of pretty lights...check out my new red glass tumbler that came with battery operated lights...

Happy Thursday!


  1. I think your Christmas Tree looks beautiful

  2. You did it! I'm so proud. The hombre tree is wonderful and I like the black and white tree skirt. Your handmade gorgeous ornaments have a beautiful and fun new home!!!!!

  3. Bummer! My scintillating comment disappeared:) I WAS saying your Christmas tree is a great bg for your icicles:) they look lovely!!!!! I did say summat re the 2012 incident --- I'm on the parents side on that one:):)

  4. i think this is the cutest your decorations


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