Saturday, December 6, 2014

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman for THE CUTTING CAFE

Sometimes decorating the package is just as much fun as making the gift! This gold sparkle box NEEDED a snowman! It's going to be mailed soon to some special little people I know with something cool inside.

Regina's awesome Christmas Shaker Cards really jazzed up the front of a dollar store gold box!

Layering a die-cut with pop dots and then adding a shaker gave this snowman dimension. 

I added a serious layer of sparkle first to make her look snowy! Real twig arts and the mittens, hat, scarf and carrot nose made the face look so cool!

Of course you have to add googly eyes! ;-)

Have a great Saturday! We're off to Sparkle tonight. It's a unique to this area event that is sure to be amazing!


  1. have to pet the alpaca for me and send tangible proof!! :D I love freaking soft. Your snowman decor really spiced up this box. I love the grunge vintage color of the hat and scarf and using real twigs for arms is the best. Imagine there's no shortage where you are!
    Have fun sparkling tonight :)

  2. What a WONDERFUL use for sequins!!!! Cute as---- enjoy sparkle - whatever it is---- I guess you'll let us know;)

  3. yes yes yes i wanta build a snowman...can I come by and we can craft together? this

  4. Love the snowman card---so stinking cute indeed!

  5. Fanfreakingtastic!!! I love that you used twigs for the arms.

  6. Oh he is sooo cute.. love the shaker and sequins.. love the colors too...


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