Friday, December 12, 2014

Everyone in Corning has a Sparkle in Their Eye

We moved to a party town. No just kidding. That was the last town that had four colleges within close proximity! I should say Christmas Party town!

For people bad at Christmas, this is a good and bad thing. The good part is that you get in the holiday spirit nice and early. Things start immediately after Thanksgiving with a big ole Glass Christmas House in the middle of Market Street & a beautiful Santa. (The bad might not WANT to get in the spirit early...just ask THE MAN who did not get his sparkle on.)

 Those are my Sistah In Law's kids. Hers willingly took a photo with Santa (it is possible I either bribed them, threatened them or both, but one doesn't not give up secrets like that).

The evening progressed with the Parade of Lights where they cover things like Tractors, Fire Trucks, Floats, and cars in Christmas Lights.

We lasted half of the parade until we got too cold and made a beeline for heated seats and the fireplace at home.

This past weekend I went to Sparkle. They shut down the entire Market Street and set up food vendors, have horse drawn carriage rides, and train rides. THE MAN who admits that he has trouble with Christmas also had a bad case of the hangry, so it was not the longest visit. Did I mention it was cold too? ;-)

He did drive me around trying to get a better photo of the eight story C Building, where they are creative with their decorating. I happen to know a guy who sits near the very top of the letter O in Noel. I told him he was a rock star. He divulged it involves sticky notes on what lights to leave on and what ones to turn off...

Of course then there is the Glass Museum which is very near the Noel Building. Check out this tree. Again more bribes may have been involved with this. My brother in law and I checked...those ornaments are zip tied on, thankfully....

Well peeps, I do hope you have enjoyed a small Christmas stroll around our town without freezing your butt off!


  1. Wow!! So impressive!! Love that Corning gets so into the Christmas spirit!

  2. Pretty busy town you've got here! I really, REALLY like that glass ornamentated Chrissy tree:) Pretty amazagobs! And i have a man who gets 'hangry' fact, it's a particular type of complaint.....I can always tell it has to do with food! Being diabetic might have something to do with it, I guess!!!

  3. The firetruck was AWESOME! Gonna send that picture to my hubby and see if we can do that to one of the trucks in the station next year...LOVED that! Wonderful family pictures at Sparkle.

  4. Lovely to see the festive fun over at your place.. love that bauble tree, and great santa photo of your SIL's kids.. they dont look like they were threatened at all...hehe!


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