Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Antique Trim in a Cigar Box

Score! I went to my second favorite place for junkin in downtown Corning (it's right on the way past an awesome coffee shop that also sells cookies) and usually I just browse. But I couldn't pass up all this awesome hardware for $6!!! Omg. And it came with the cigar box. I was so excited. The dude at the register was laughing at me a bit and said it wasn't for sale...just joking!

I kinda know what I want to use them for. I would like a piece for our mud room to hold boots & shoes. I was thinking an old dresser, but something like these shelves would be awesome too, in black of course & distressed! Sadly it's for sale in the UK so I am guessing we'll have to make our own. Looks like a good winter project!

THE MAN just groaned when I showed him. He said he was very afraid.

Hope your Tuesday is tip top!


  1. great score and that project looks very impressive !

  2. I think the boot/shoe holder would be just the thing. I really know that Nate could make one that looked MORE awesome than this one, hint hint!!!!!!!!

  3. I think it is awesome too! let him laugh :)

  4. why haven't you won the lottery yet? you're like the luckiest person EVER! These are amazing. I'm this (------------------------------YEAH-------------------------------------) stinking happy for you!!!!


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