Thursday, August 27, 2015

On The Board Walk Layout: Atlantic City

For a page like this, I love my large format printer. I don't always use it, but in this case that large banner photo printed on plain white paper makes me quite happy.

THE MAN took that photo when we got to the board walk in Atlantic City to text to his Dad. And since I didn't take any of the strip, I was quite glad to have it!

I thought it worked well with this photo of Luke getting his fortune read. He had no idea that Zoltar would talk and was pretty mortified.

Just starting to dig into the photos from our trip. We didn't take a ton, but for a short trip we had some nice times hanging out as a family.

Hope your Thursday is awesome!


  1. That large photo up,the top of your page looks awesome! And great photo of your son too! A subtle touch of embellishing and a great page to remember your holiday with!

  2. Yup, can see why you like your big printer. One day.... I'd like one of those ! And did she say he'd have 10 kids and a harpy of a wife? LOL......I wanna know what it was. Hopefully it was he'd be a 2nd TOm Cruise in Top Gun....distracted...better go, getting late here!!!


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