Monday, August 17, 2015

Roughed in Japanese Garden

I am one lucky girl! The 'Rents mentioned they had a weekend free and wanted to take a trip down. It coincided with work on the garden between the house and the never-ending-sidewalk-project-from-hell. While THE MAN was mixing concrete for another slab, the rest of us were moving dirt. Well, not really me. I was running back and forth between the two projects like a chicken because I knew I was going to run the other side of the screed board eventually. It was hotter than the blazes. One of those few and far between NY days where you wished you owned a pool.

Of course Mom found the old pool that used to be in the back yard while digging a hole for that awesome amazing Japanese maple! She kept trying to get this rock out until I took a look at the rock and figured out it was a hunk of metal...

Thank god for connections! I have always in a big big way wanted to own one of those lovely Japanese maples but the $100 price tag always threw me off. They got me a much nicer deal.

Insert Happy Dance here!

And you might be wondering what that concrete rectangle is. The peeps that owned the house before us left us a 300 lbs concerete trough. I was excited about it but THE MAN kept hoping a stray meteor from outer space would drop on it. Or miracle upon miracles, I'd let him push it over the bank with the tractor. No such luck.

Instead we had to dig a hole for it & build a sling so we could move it with the tractor. I'll be coating the inside of it so it's water tight and adding a solar fountain to move the water a little. I am pretty excited about that.

Next step is to put down landscape fabric and find some cool stones to use. I'm excited to use rock instead of creating more lawn. It's never fun mowing right next to the house and I think it will be really pretty with smooth river stone! Wish us luck finding it though!

Happy Monday!

And a huge thanks to Mom and Dad for seeing my vision and getting me that awesome tree!


  1. This is coming along beautifully! And that tree will look wonderful as it gets big! And I hope you show us what you finally do with the trough!

  2. It's a beautiful tree.....I'm thinking it doesn't grow real big, being that close to the house? LOOOOOOVE your trough. I think it's FABULOUS. SO glad you convinced your bloke to pop it right there. A Water Feature, eh....sounds brill! It's all coming together really well!!!


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