Monday, August 10, 2015

PIG layout: Hogsmeate at Tommy's House

Just a really simple layout from a party we went to at Tommy's house a couple of weekends ago. Hogsmeate was the name of this year's party. They have a bash up in Potsdam and by sheer luck they also have a place near to us down South so we have enjoyed hanging with them at both houses.

I really love the smashed bottle cap flowers I made with the Tattered Floral Tim Holtz dye! It's easy to do, if you happen to save a couple of bottle caps from a party and then run them through a couple of times in your Big Shot. Makes a terrible noise, but eventually they are flat! And if my Aunt Coco is reading this, I'm going to suggest to her to give MacKenzie's Cider a try. Not only do they have a cool gold cap, but yum!

The second flower is from an orange soda cap. I brought the kids their own drinks. As you can see, Tommy and Luke are sharing some in the photo below. 

Fun times! Hope your Monday is happy!


  1. OK! I am on it! The MacKensie cider that is! Just back from India, which is about the farthest place from good cider that there could be, I would judge from my experience! Hard enough to get a draft beer, much less cider. The Taj Mahal was "cool" though. Never thought I'd see that in my lifetime! PS: it's better than the pictures you see of it.

  2. I adore how you do multi photos and always, always have a story.....I've gotten a little away from the multi photo thing. Must bring it back in, me thinks! So thanks for the inspiration....LOOOOOOVE the bottle caps 'memborabilia' idea & also those layers of washi?? PP underneath??? Whatever they are - looks great. Sounds like the party was too:) Scrap camp in TWO DAYS.....first ever......counting down. I hope it's as good as I'm hoping it will be!!!!!!

  3. Fabulous layout! Great colours and love the flower clusters too.. I love pigs.... Just sayin!


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