Monday, August 3, 2015

Scope Creep & The Never Ending Sidewalk Project

After much effort, we finally got the sidewalk poured. By we, I mean the contractor we hired and then complained about after. He was twenty something and adorable, but the concrete got away from him at the end of the sidewalk by the shed. One buddy had to leave to go milk and it was all drying too fast.

The piece by the shed THE MAN brought home a jack hammer and spent most of Thursday night ripping it back out. We spent the weekend building a form for that piece and another on the other side. And nobody needs to see photos of that! ;-)

The bricks were also an after thought. We didn't get the edge we wanted due to the concrete setting up too fast so I offered to edge it in brick. Luke and I spent an afternoon pounding them in and THE MAN came behind us after with top soil & tamping. Now we just need some rain & the grass to grow! I just might have had a marital moment over bricks tho. THE MAN was NOT pleased in general and picking up 280 bricks with his truck was not high on his list. He was mumbling things about scope creep....and wives who spent too much time on Pinterest....

Thankfully it looks super amazing. Now we just have that section by the house to work through. I have had a lot of suggestions about turning it into garden. The thought of having to chip all that every single year isn't making me all that excited...but I'm sure if I spent just a little more time looking at koi ponds, Japanese maples, and river rock I could get into it.....Pinterest here I come!

Happy Monday!


  1. This looks amazing! A lovely part of your garden!

  2. Looks great!! Sorry you had problems though and sorry hubby was grumpy about it!!!

  3. I hope your man doesn't read this.... I can see him cringing from afar!!!! I reckon those bricks just take the edge [sorry] off the harsh look of the concrete. Give it a softer, more inviting look. Now your man would be rolling his eyes at THAT description, I daresay.....what a shoomozzle with the concreting. Never mind. Done now. Looks fabulous :) Good luck with the fish pond.......


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