Wednesday, August 12, 2015

It's a Hoot Around Here

I have always found the best way to change my mood is to make little arrangements of pretty things. My kitchen windowsill, mantle, and dresser all fall victim to various arrangements depending on the season. The other day I wanted to change a few things up in one room so this owl ended up out in the kitchen where I can enjoy it's silvery color and the rub-on. I spray painted it silver ages ago, but had kinda forgotten it. That Coca Cola Bottle was a recent find when I was walking through our woods. It's super thick and heavy and I thought it looked pretty with my salt and pepper shaker bird blocks that I made for THE CUTTING CAFE with her artist trading block set a while ago.

Here is a close up so you can see the silver & the shimmer. Made me happy! And that little rub-on is perfect, since this owl was previously an ugly bank. 

Not a huge post today. We are getting back from a trip to Atlantic City so I'll have a ton of fresh photos to share on scrap pages!

Happy Hump!


  1. Love that owl, too..... your collection looks fun! Atlantic City....that sounds fun, too:):)

  2. That owl looks quite stern! I wonder what he is thinking?


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