Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Be A Prune Layout

The other day THE MAN and I were off on a mission. We had heard of a place down over the Pennsylvania border that sold different kinds of garden stones and wanted to check it out. We were going to stop in NY to grab breakfast but forgot until we were getting down off the highway in PA. It must have been fate because we had no idea that a Fractured Prune was right there.

I was so excited! A yummy hot homemade doughnut was calling my name. I had a maple one with powdered sugar all fresh! My first ever because I've never seen a Fractured Prune.

Here is my journaling if you want to take a peek! It also tells the story about Prunella, who the francise is named for. A spunky old lady from the 1800's who played sports with the boys! She also got hurt, but hey she kept on trying!

The base part of the page and those two pretty little white flowers were created by my friend Kristy during a Crafternoon. I was there part of the time but had to run a kid somewhere so she made it up for me. I added the large Petaloo purple flower and the black heart with a green staple.

Really digging those colors! That yellow is such a great compliment to that purple!

Hope your Tuesday is fabulous and you get to try something new!


  1. This looks amazing! I do love those colours together! The flower clusters look wonderful! You have such good stories behind your layouts!

  2. Great Prune story. The muffin looks YUM. And I must say, I think you've converted me to purple. It looks fabulous here, especially the flower cluster!!!

  3. Gorgeous page! LOVE the staple!! My class last week LOVED using the gold staples you sent me in the past. What a treat for them all!!! I didn't let them use too many mind LOL...Never heard of Fractured Prune so an interesting story for me! Wish I could stay for more but it's 1 am & I have to be up for work tomorrow morning so have to shoot off to bed. Shane is very sick so it's taking away my evening time a lot :(


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