Monday, August 31, 2015

Sidewalk Wrap Up (OMG thankfully it's almost done!)

We moved into our back yard finally after it was torn up since APRIL! There is quite the spring in our step these days now that we've got the stone in and the rock patio for sitting.

How do you like those rocks? They believe it or not were here when we moved in and some of them we removed when we dug for the concrete sidewalk...and since they were not being used, I wanted to create a little sitting area. So pretty!

Looks awesome coming in from the driveway! 

 It's not quite done yet...we made a swoopty garden to bring the pavers around from the side! I'm pretty excited about the new space. I had my eye on some pretty ornamental grasses but they were way too tall. On this side where I have the half window for the laundry room, I won't mind covering that up! Also need a couple more bags of's the story of my summer!

 I also have to seal my concrete fountain...still haven't quite figured out the fountain part yet, but that is up next! Wish me luck!

Happy Monday!


  1. Absolutely STUNNING!!! My favest bit are those flagged stones....they look brilliant....Now you just nee a drink, a comfy cushion under that lounger and a slave to serve you;)!!! Good luck with that....... LOL!!!

  2. I just love how your garden has turned out- it is such a delightful private space- peace filled and you all did a SUPER job!

  3. Love how everything turned out. You have a beautiful home Mitra!

  4. You've done an amazing job Mtra. Love the patio and the little garden and that old sink fountain........I want one. lol

  5. This sure is looking good! Great work!


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