Friday, September 4, 2015

Bitchy Baby Fairy Papier-mâché & a HOP

Before you all tell me I'm off my rocker (like my entire family!) let me explain I'm participating in an Altered Paper-mâché Animal Collab. And this is my off the wall project...

What better to start with than a water bottle full of rocks and duct tape!? I cut a hole for the wheels in the plastic and then hot glued them in. I then added layers of papier-mâché glued together with 
modge podge. I also poked screws through the plastic so I'd have something to glue those lovely 
chess set arms to.

And how do you like those wings? I have been playing with Fantasy Film lately and it works well glued to paper! I hear it's pretty awesome on metal wings too, but I haven't had a chance to give that try yet. 

Love the little flower hair. She has a couple of stripes under that hair that are just peeking through. 

And she has two little glass bead decorations hanging from her those!

Now, you might be wondering where I came up with such an off the wall project! Firstly I couldn't find a plastic dinosaur at the second hand store. Well, we had a perfectly nice one here, but my oldest refused to part with it...even in the name of art. AND I had this ceramic baby dolls head & Andy Skinner Pin on Pinterest... and one of my favorite books of all time is Ozma of Oz. In Ozma of Oz, there were creatures called Wheelers...they rolled from place to place..

So things morphed into Bitchy Baby Fairy. She's a real animal. Especially when she's denied Wifi and has run out of data on her iphone plan! Add in an air conditioner not working in these temps...and you are gunna get that sour look and crazy eyes...

I guess let's all be careful so she doesn't hit us with those chess piece hands....

Anyhow, the other ladies who have participated have some awesome creations to check out:

Laura Mooney

Michele Kosciolek

Tina Walker

Christy Strickler

Albion Gould

DeeDee Catron 

Melissa Johnson

This was all kinds of fun and organized by Miss Tina Walker! I will totally be participating the next one she thinks up!

Happy Friday!


  1. You already know that I think she's fabulous in a creepy, eclectic, crafty way. Couldn't stop smiling when I saw the challenge she's for...LOVE that!!! So many incredible makes!!

  2. So totally funky and fun! Adorable!

  3. Yikes! Just keep her in YOUR garden, thank ee very much! She looks waaaaaay scary to me....but I do love her beautiful at odds with the rest of her!! BRILLIANT. And go Luke not handing over your dinosaur to Mama....goodness know WHAT that would've ended up as;)!!!!

  4. Now I am speechless...I am not sure what to say.. You are very imaginative! Slightly bizarre for my taste but great creating all the same!

  5. Very cool and creative!!! And the dolls are very on point at the moment too!!!

  6. Now that you say wheelers, I totally get where you were coming from. I loved the OZ books as a child. Awesome Wheeler fairy!


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