Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Of Mice, Men, and Wood Boring Bees

Today is the first day of Fall in my neck of the woods. As eagerly anticipated that summer was, I'm ready to slide back into the routine. We of course have started another project. We are in the process of ripping some of the sheet rock & insulation out of the garage. Now, this is a bit counter intuitive. Usually you'd want to have something insulated! However, the mice have taken up residence and the garage did not have any ventilation so also had a funk about it. Funk removal has commenced because we like to hang out in the garage. (We have projects that need spray painting and winter is coming!)

We have a pile of rough cut wood that we'll be using as siding. Can you see it there just inside the door? THE MAN bought it from an Amish guy who sawed it up for him special.

I think changing it up to wood will add to the whole cottage look of the place. All the metal siding will be recycled and old windows donated to the ReSTore, so it's all good. The wood boring bees and the mice are quite disappointed. One wall at a time we are destroying their condo! The morning he took the insulation & siding off the first wall there was a passle of them with little picket signs squeaking HELL NO WE WON'T GO. They made for the hills after a hawk showed up.

We are using the board & batten method. Those are just the boards. Later, THE MAN will nail thin strips up between them to cover the crack. Come spring the whole garage will get stained.

Wish him luck...he's moving on to the front this weekend!


  1. I do love these posts where you show us what's happening on the farm [so to speak!]....& your siding is going to look fabulous..... feeling a TAD sorry for the kicked out mob....I mean, homeless AND pursued by Mortal Enemies.....but still....

  2. Looking good so far. Maybe the weather will continue to be nice, and you can stain this fall!!

  3. Hell No We Won't Go....bwhahaha....hilarious. Glad to hear the relocation and transformation is coming along smoothly. Looks great from here! Best of luck to you MAN and the many "meeces" as they scurry. Is this where the locker is going too?

  4. Wow! That is gunna look great when it is done! Good luck with it!


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