Sunday, September 6, 2015

Tiny Dancer Snowflake Milk Carton for THE CUTTING CAFE

I swore when I was a young Mom that I would remember what it was like to have littles. Now that I have teens, it seems a distant memory. We had two little girls over this past Friday night. Lexi and I fretted over what little girls might like. Luke told me Legos. Little girls like Legos. Well of course they do, who doesn't? It's just the stepping on them that is the big problem...

Later on in the evening, they gave us a display of the crazy things they could do like back bends and flips. Oh to be tiny and so agile!

Anyhow, I must have been on a little girl kick, because when it came to working on the DT project for THE CUTTING CAFE out came the hot pinks, sparkles, gold, and glitter.

I even dug out some crystal knobs I had for feet and a pretty snowflake! For some reason I haven't jumped into the fall projects yet, but I've been thinking Christmas already. Probably because it's blazing hot so I am thinking about snow...

The milk carton was quite fun to work with. Regina has quite a few different ones over at THE CUTTING CAFE. I picked the leaf one from the FALL MILK CARTON set. Instead of leaving the leaf as a window in the carton, I set it aside and copied it a few times. 

I used three of them as a base for some rolled roses. Just inked them up a little and added some splashes of paint. That vintage photo of a little girl in a dance costume made me happy too!

One last photo of my project at an angle. Pretend it's a little girl starting a round off!

Happy Sunday!


  1. OMG IM IN LOVE....serious love love ...hum legos for girls...not

  2. Very beautiful! They definitely inspired you!!

  3. I'm glad you survived the little girls....I enjoy that sort of thing:) love your summery project - especially the crystal legs! And don't mention snow ---- I'm sure it'll hit soon enough!!!!!!! Oh! And the roses.... Purdy:)

  4. Gosh....this is sooooo pretty! I love those glass knob feet!

  5. This is so pretty! Love the rolled roses and love the feet too!

  6. Wow love this, so clever and beautiful

  7. It's fun learning to read English. I thought you meant that you used the leaf pattern to make the rolled roses and I've been sitting here staring at them in awe trying to figure out how in the heck you did that! Upon re-reading, I have now figured out that you didn't use them as the actual base of the roses, you used them UNDER the roses as a base!!! (insert light bulb)
    This is FREAKING GORGEOUS!!!! You're like the queen of feet now. I have elevated you from paper goddess whisperer to Queen of this too shall have feet. LOVE, love, LOOOVE it!!

  8. Seriously Mitra, you are so talented.. This box is just the classiest box I've seen!! LOVE

  9. WOW! and double what they all said. An amazing piece of artwork!

  10. Love your out of the box crafty style Mitra. This carton rocks girl!


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