Monday, September 14, 2015

Wings, Roots, and Bivouac

I grew up in the shadow of Griffis Air Base. A bunch of kids that went to my school did. There were the Hamricks up on Sulpher Springs, Nick and his brother down on lower Podunk, and THE MAN of course just one road over. Most of us had parents who either worked at Griffis or were stationed at the base. Seeing planes in the sky were a regular occurance. My Dad and my Grandpa Ham worked on the base too. I vaguely remember kids talking about being in Civil Air Patrol on the bus.

Turns out THE MAN was in it with his buddy Nick. I heard many stories over the years about the things he learned. We had no idea it still even existed, but when we were at the Rochester Air Show there was a booth  and a bunch of kids running around in BDUs (Battle Dress Uniform).

Luke was excited to learn we had an active unit 10 minutes away from the house. He and THE MAN spent hours recently obcessing about what he was going to pack for his first overnight. They made water proof matches, put together a first aid kit, and spent two hours packing.

I felt so helpless with all the preparations. They were in their own little club speaking their own language. Heck even the name of the camp out was foreign to me. Bivouac.  I'm willing to learn though. Heck the other day I googled Miliary Roll and watched a Youtube video on how to roll BDU sleeves. Next thing you know I will have the proper starch methods down for a cover (aka as a hat!).

I am pretty sure that Airman Pratt is well on his way to do great things...The other day he had his first flight from Corning to Penn Yan. Now if only he wouldn't fly away quite so fast....


  1. Whew! A New Era has begun. Good luck with becoming a Club Member! At least you're getting a hang of the language. That's a GOOD start!!!

  2. Sounds very exciting. Let's hope that Airman Pratt takes his time flying away. :)

  3. He can come here to Whiteman AFB and hang out with us!! :) I mean eventually, like a long time from now, you know, MUCH later on.....
    That will be my new slogan "Come to Whiteman. We have Twinkies" Even though originally they were sent from NY, but let's not get technical! ;)


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