Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Rat Rod Lockers

Text Message sent from the ReStore today:

Baby....I want this....

and the one I got back...Yeah me too!

Followed by, how much is it and is it in good shape?

We are the proud owners of gym lockers that are older than us!

They are the heavy variety with a lock. Somebody already used them in a garage which is where these are going.

We are starting to work on our garage again this coming long weekend. I have my tetanus shot so I should be all set. The last time we took a wall down mouse pee rolled down my arm (shudder!).

I am all for leaving these vintage green (cleaned up for course) and THE MAN thinks he should paint them as there is a little rust on them.

I suggested a clear Rustoleum so we could go for the Rat Rod look...

We can all take bets on who will win this one....

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Op I hate rats mice anything rodent really! I am sure these lockers will be fabulous in the man cave!

  2. Black. I can see them black. We'll see. We used to have grey lockers, not green at my school. Quite depressing, really!!! Hope these come up good whatever you do with them!!

  3. Awesome!!! do NOT paint them!! These are so quintessentially American! We don't have them here anywhere, even in schools!!!

  4. Clear coat that patina and rock on!! These are AWESOME. Slightly jealous but SO happy for your find. Nicely done...again!

  5. oh my can't wait to see them in the garage...awesome find


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