Thursday, September 10, 2015

Vintage Book Page Wreath for LESSology & Debbie

Our challenge here at LESSology this month is to:  Incorporate a book in your project. You can decorate a book or make a book. I chose to decorate a book, but one without the cover...and all spread out like a pretty little wreath! 

I love book pages and I've done a number of projects with them. I love them best when they are old and slightly tattered. I have been HOARDING this book for a couple of years now. It has pictures in it and the stories are pretty lame (I think it was for little girls working on their reading or something) so I didn't feel too badly about tearing into it.) I am saving the cover for another project (again with the hoarding!)

I liked having some of the images peek out of the edges of the folded pages. Really loved how those rolled roses added to the vintage flair! And how do you like that can lid? I added an image and some clear epoxy along with some liquid pearls. 

It's pretty simple to fold these to make your own. You start with cutting the book page square and then rolling them. I then pressed them flat and used a staple to secure them. Just make sure you fold them all the same way. 

I used mini staples to hold them together. I then stapled all the pages together in a flower shape.

I made a second layer of smaller pages (just cut them slightly smaller, but in a square) to finish out the wreath.

I sprayed some gold spray paint on the edges & slightly splattered the black doily. Finished off each corner with some metal pieces & chunky glitter.  This wreath is headed to my friend Debbie who had us over recently for a crafternoon. She has all kinds of vintage in her house and I hope she enjoys it!


  1. This is just AMAZING! I loveeeeeeeeeee it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You did a brilliant job. This turned out amazing!

  3. OMG... this one is beautiful too! I didn't realize it was a whole different project... gorgeous! (I still need to know where that owl and cat image came from)....? :)

  4. Clicked over from the hop to take a closer look! This one is awesome too! Thanks for sharing how you made this!


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