Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wee Metal Box and Plaster Embossing: FOR LISA

Last week I was part of a blog hop over at Lori's Blog, ChouxChouxPaperArt. At one point I got asked how I embossed the top of a metal box I was giving away. Since it was a hop, I had focused more on the item than on how to make it!

I thought I'd remedy that here today!

Since it was a fine day for spray painting, I grabbed a recent spray paint find and went to town. My theory was that a chalky finish would work well for adhering plaster as well as spray painting a canvas as if it was gesso....but that is another project...My spray painting stump held both projects as they were drying..Any kind of spray paint would do as far as painting the metal box though. Just mainly something to cover the words.

Once the box is dry, grab your stencil & a credit card/scraper. Hold the stencil carefully and scrap on the plaster. Now, I don't go all fancy with my plaster. I'm just using the cheap kind you use to fill holes in the wall. ;-)

Let the plaster dry. Once it is dry, lightly sand it to take off the rough edges. Then ink up with whatever colors you want to use carefully. Just rub them right on. I happen to use Close to My Heart ink pads. I used a couple of different kinds and then smeared on gold paint with my finger and some glitter glue. The glitter glue adds a sparkle and makes the inks run a little.

Since it's plaster you have to work kinda dry or the embossed plaster will start to get sticky and it will smear.

As you can see on the flower, I glitter glued that too & also sprinkled clear glitter! In fact, it's not quite dry...but the sun was out and I took advantage of that for a photo! I added some vintage purple blooms and some ribbon!

Now, just as soon as I find a small box, this will be shipping off to Lisa so she can study it in real life. Maybe I'll send her some metal embossing tape...my second favorite kind of way to emboss metal boxes...

Linking up to the Halloween challenge over at ChouxChouxPaperArt!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. You are the Master [Mistress???] of creative ideas....I would NEVER think of doing this and it really works so well! Clever Miss!!! I'm sure she'll love it:):)

  2. Ohhhh, the ever fabulous Altoids tin. I love seeing your photo tutorial. The top of this tin turned out exquisite!!! Did someone say metal embossing tape??? Life before it must have been horrid!

  3. Mitra....thought I commented on this but I don't see it...this is really pretty....is this lisa you speak of me? I see your email up in the corner. I will email you.

  4. And by pretty. I mean gorgeous..lol

  5. Lovely creating ! You are amazingly creative!

  6. This is awesome! Never would have figured this out!


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