Thursday, September 17, 2015

Claw Queen: Atlantic City Layout

While we were in Atlantic City, the boys rode some go-carts while Lexi and I messed around in the arcade.

Turns out my oldest is QUITE good at the Claw Game. She won this pup in about five minutes of playing. Not sure how she does it, 'cause I never win those games...She was pretty pleased so I had to make a page of her fun!

I am currently having fun with rolled roses. And of course that plastic guitar was in a drink at Hard Rock. We ate lunch there the same day Lexi won that stuffed animal. Always fun tucking in "real stuff" from the trip!

I have really been into the washi tape lately. Used quite a bit of it on my layout. Some gold paint too to grunge it up a little.

I think this is the last of the pages from our recent trip there. I have been working on some Halloween stuff for something that is up & coming.

More about that tomorrow!


  1. She's like my Alex! Must be the name! He literally can pick up piles of chocolates with the claw!!! Anyways, brill page - great guitar tuck in & nice seeing some rolled flowers!!!!

  2. It must be a daughter thing because Brit has her claw winnings all over her bed too. This page is a real keepsake. You truly captured the fun and memories of that day and have made it on a GORGEOUS layout. Yet again, your penmanship is outstanding to look at!!

  3. Wow I have never known anyone to win anything from those grabby things! Well done Alex! Fabulous layout, love the rolled roses and looks like your dog loves his new friend!

  4. What a cool layout! Love that hard rock guitar. I'm always saving my little memorabilia to use on my pages. Although who knows how much I have that I forgot about and never made it on a page...

  5. Beautiful page - love your storytelling & you have very lovely handwriting!!


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