Thursday, January 21, 2016

Fabulous Fall Layout

Wrapping up the last page from 2015! Boy, this one has been done for ages and ages, but I just didn't get a chance to get it blogged. We had a second opportunity to to go on a wine tour! I paired that up with a crafy afternoon where I got to work with some pretty Close to My Heart  papers and that awesome title my friend Jean made.

Love the colors of those papers! And the sparkly glitter glue I added.

I took a photo of the paper we used when we were sampling the wines with a wine token and a pencil, snuck that in on the side like it was a piece of paper. Looks kinda cool, I think. And that black bus is our Party Bus Limo! We were pretty tame, but I am SURE that bus has stories it could tell!

So glad I finally got this page up on the blog! It's been on my list for ages!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Really like the color and shape interaction...this resonates with me!

  2. This looks great! Love the colors of the fabulous fall! Wonderful photos of your day!

  3. The title is brill for a wine tour! Love the shine....& great idea adding the paperwork. Bound to make your great great great grand kids be astounded at how CHEAP stuff was in 2015. Or even. Wine? what's wine? And how's about that TANK they drove in them days.....etc etc.....going now.....imagination is orf and running:):)!!!


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