Monday, January 18, 2016

Memorandum Monday: Mail & Musing

It was a David Bowie Pandora station weekend with all the normal things like laundry, grocerying, and some tidying up. Other normal stuff like crafting and blogging were also on the agenda. Several new fish were purchased for oldest and the youngest was shuttled to and from his Civil Air Patrol weekend long training. So in all, it wasn't an epic weekend, but one where things were set up for the next busy work week.

It was a bit of an up and a down kind of weekend, as life has it's twists and turns. It was at a down kind of moment when a carefully wrapped brown paper package arrived with interesting stamps and lovely hand writing. The oldest stalked the package first. Asked where Singapore was and oogled the stamps. THE MAN walked in on the awkward moment where I was near tears at the lovely happy mail. Huge hug for my very lovely canvas, Yvonne over at Do More With Less! Somehow she figured out that I really really wanted this! It was those roses and the glitter, and the green sequins and pink roses! She really added sunshine when I was feeling sad.

This is Yvonne's photo of her amazing canvas. I didn't manage a photo of it myself as of yet. I have it on my scrap table where it is giving me plenty of inspiration. It must have been inspirational as I learned how to make my first Bendy Bendi card this weekend and I was thrilled with the results! That will be on the blog soon!

Hope your week is fantastic! Waving over at Sian from High in the Sky who is also very inspirational with her cool bloggy posts, awesome layouts, and Memorandum Mondays! Hugs!


  1. Aw, I'm glad your mail lifted your day. I like the sound of a bendy bendi card. I'll be looking out for that one. Have a great week Mitra

  2. Yvonne is giving us all lovely, LOVELY surprises! Love your canvas - so 'you'. Love mine too;) And glad it was a more happy than sad weekend. And Bendi B? HUH???!!! Can't wait to 'read all about it'!!!

  3. Oh wow!! This is gorgeous! Yes, definitely a spirit lifter...

  4. Glad my package came at the right moment to lift your spirit up a little. :) That Bendy Bendi card sounds awesome...can't wait to see it!

    Have a fabulous rest-of-the-week!


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