Monday, January 11, 2016

Memorandum Monday: Gigantic Glass Mint Chocolate Chip Cone & Riggies in Boonville

THE MAN asked me mid last week if we had any plans for the weekend. For once the little people did not need to be driven anywhere, so it seemed pretty straight forward.

Later I realized that the weekend happened to us despite any planning.

Things were pretty much a blur from Friday afternoon to late Sunday evening. My sister in law drove up from North Carolina to attend calling hours on Sunday. Of course that meant we had to go Junkin on Saturday and hit a couple of stores. We went to Friendly's in town for lunch and ice cream. I had no idea that the Corning Museum of Glass made them a gigantic glass mint chocolate chip ice cream cone. It made me all kinds of happy. Having been local here for over a year, it was a nice surprise to find that glass cone and learn that I share a favorite ice cream flavor with a local glass artist. I believe Chris is the same dude that made Pumpkin Fysh.

Sunday found us surrounded by family celebrating the life of Uncle Bob who is at peace finally from being terribly ill. It was nice to catch up with some family members we rarely see and then out to a late supper at the Booneville Hotel. I enjoyed shrimp riggies which is a local specialty. Even though I spent years near Booneville, I had never eaten in this particular place nor heard of it. Check out that vintage register. Love it!

I am vowing to let more weekends happen to us, although maybe with a wee bit more rest in between things! Hugs and Happy Monday!

Oh and a wave over at Sian who is hosting Memorandum Monday!


  1. Found shrimp riggies recipe online at Allrecipes...yum!

  2. My favourite flavour too. Though I'm rather fond of rum n raisin too.

    Have a great week Mitra

  3. We have a Booneville here in Mo, but I'm fairly sure you mean out there. Sorry to hear abuot your Uncle Bob, but that's the best way to remember family is over good food, laughs and great stories. I knew I liked you for your quirkiness, but now, I'm certain since we share our delight for mint ice cream. Will we be seeing pictures of the junkin' you did?

  4. Sounds like a great weekend. Love the cone!

  5. Look at you and your 'learning' - sounds really busy but in a good way. Hope Uncle Bob is at peace....& I cannot believe you've been 'home' for a year. That is amazing how quickly it's gone!!!


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