Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Joy Layout with a Jean Green Hidden Journaling Card

Just started some Christmas scrapbooking the other day! Two people helped me make this page..both Jeans! The one Jean cut that pretty little scallop out at the top and all that fancy smancy holly. We were at a Crafternoon and those goodies were part of the page kit!

The second Jean made me that lovely black card with the deer and joy on it! I used it to hide some journaling that I promised to keep quiet. See where I wrote open me right at the top? Just in case someone looking at this later doesn't know that it flips...I mean there are hinges and all....

Just a bunch of pretty stuff on this page, some washi, some gold embossed grungy paper...I made that out of a gold wrapper and a piece of was upcycled! Love that little dangle on the twine!

Hope you enjoy this photo of Miss Lexi-lou!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. She's lovely :) And so is your page

  2. This looks wonderful... very festive, love the holly leaves and fabulous hidden journalling card too..

  3. Love the fab way you've used the card by hinging it onto your page. You amaze me with your ingenuity. Miss Lexi is looking good bet you're so proud. Xx

  4. Love this as I always do your scrapbook pages! Hey I made it to a thrift store today... it was right there where we had lunch and I bought some..... CANDLESTICKS! And a couple metal plates... I have a plan... but when I finally start I might need some advice... now I have to get some epoxy... found a few other things there that will be fun too. Anyway, great page! And a great pic!

  5. SOooo pretty. LOVE the hinges on the journaling card! In fact, love the whole Christmas vibe on this one.....& your girl is looking very growed up, too, I must say:):)


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