Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Penny Candy Ribbon Jars with Pink Glass Knobs

I realized right before Christmas I had a slight problem. Ribbon runneth over. I promised myself that I would take care if it during break. I procrastinated for a bit because I really could not find any cool storage at the second hand store. I did finally turn up these penny candy jars at Walmart for
cheap. I hated the silver tops and chintzy handles though.

Figured I'd use some black spray paint, use real vintage glass knobs and the same sticker images I used on my spice jars.   LuvCrystals on Etsy hooked me up and I made HUGE round stickers for the tops of my jars. I sourced those pink knobs from John over at Wood N What-Knots. Love them! 

I did also notice that one of my jars has a little bit of space left in it...so maybe I should get more ribbon? Just kidding! I was sent a lovely project over the holidays that would be a great use of ribbon and it's from Lisa over at Life of a BZscrapper. Isn't it delicious?

And now that you have looked at all that pretty stuff...here is my shameful photo of the ribbon area in my cabinet...

Hot mess! It's much better now. Still need to come up with a wee bit more storage...which is why the after photo is of the doors shut.....Much better!

Happy Neat and Tidy Tuesday! Hugs!


  1. Awww maaaan...now I wanna put knobs on my cookie jar ribbon holders! That looks beyond wonderful, Mitra! Also, OMG...so snow!!! Back to the ribbon...LOVE how your brain clicks. Your cabinet still shows them off even through that beautiful glass. You did incredible with those and can't wait to see more!!

  2. What an awesome way to store your strands of ribbon!!! I LOVE it and I think I'm going to have to snag that idea... now... to get to Walmart! So mad too because I used to have containers like this and I think they're long gone after the move... why oh why didn't I find you sooner, Mitra??? I think before I go to Walmart I better check in the garage... you never know... getting rid of anything that you put other things in is just not like me.... thanks for the inspiration!! (Again)

  3. Loved the candy holder ..specially how you have made them yours :) the knobs look fab !

  4. And big enough to get your hands into, too..... Loving the SNOW big ---- lids are way better & I've been doing a bit of chipping & chopping in my room too... Must be that time of the year:)!!!!

  5. Those jars look wonderful.. just love the pretty lids now.. and I think we all could do with a tiny bit more storage in our rooms!!

  6. I always tell people that artists may very well have a chaotic messy and/or bizarre house...goes with the territory. It works everytime! So I love your ribbon cache both before and after!!! The jars are simply gorgeous. Most of all I love the striking beauty of your stained glass doors...made by someone I think I know! Mitra, the world you've made for yourself is exciting and magical and joyful.

  7. Wow, the glass jars really show a lot of the colors through vases and a lot nicer storage of ribbons then in a plastic container...wish I had that counter space though to show them off. Great idea.


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