Thursday, January 14, 2016

12 tags of 2016-January & One Little Quote

Having watched the Tim Tag fun for years, I finally decided it was time to join the club. Besides, I had an idea hatching that I wanted to try...but let me show you the January Tim Holtz tag first and you can see why it might have caught my eye....

Yes, metal tape. A staple around here at Pratt Inc. and black. 

Now for my idea....

It's intriguing to make one similar piece of art monthly...even more so if you are being sneaky and adding part of a quote. So in December of 2016, you will find out the whole quote! See how much fun this can be?

So at the bottom you can see....IF I HAVE....which is clearly part of something bigger...and now for the extra fun part. Instead of picking ONE LITTLE WORD like I have in the past, I picked an entire quote.   

See last year's one little word was Grace and I did try to emulate that word. Since things went a whole ton smoother for me this past year, I might have accomplished something...but I kinda forgot what the word was so it was more subliminal. Hoping a quote I have to work with monthly might do the trick and stick in the noggin....time will tell!

In keeping with the whole Tim Tag thing, I tried to use mostly his stuff. I couldn't bare to run with the black and white look, hence the alcohol ink. Also couldn't handle not adding a flower, glitter, or something vintage. So the top pink metal piece with the crown is from some old ribbon and the gold sparkly P is from my stash. I also added washi tape due to my addiction with it & staples...Guess it's now a Mitra tag now! 

Happy Day before Friday!


  1. Its Awesome..loved the colors on metal tape..makes the black even more black n wings to stand out !

  2. Man o' man. I can already tell this is going to be a blast! The whole point is to be inspired from his creation and you have nailed that on the head. I love your colors in the tape and your vintage, sparkly, stapled touches you add to make them fit you. It's a sensational beginning to a fabulous year. I am no completely digging the year long continued quote...great idea! That should trend.

  3. I love the idea of joining the words together as the year goes by

  4. Ah I like the idea of a quote that grows as the months pass by.. Looking forward to seeing it all unfold! Fantastic first tag!

  5. If I have....(hoping to see wings in your quote somewhere...the wings are transformative...and spectacular

  6. This is so beautiful!! I'm dying to get into my craftroom again! Looks like it will be next weekend. What an awesome idea .. the quote... can't wait to see it unfold....

  7. I am SOOO glad you're picking up the baton and running with Tim this year. I 'did' him last year, & thought I might let him rest this one. So, I'm so happy I can see what he's up to via you!!! LOOOOOVE those 'wings'....the idea of a quote; the lateral thinking to get this one working ...BRILL!!!

  8. Beautiful tag!! This ones my favorite!!


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