Monday, August 21, 2017

Friendship Rocks Cape Cod Style

One of the things on my list to do in Cape Code this past week was bring home round rocks. I was more thinking of a few for my Japanese Rock garden. It hadn't occurred to me to bring a couple home painted & ready to be hidden until after I got there. Since most of our rocks here are shale (sorry, it's the Geology degree talking) and rocks in Massachusets are granite, I opted to run with a base coat of clear Modge Podge, then the painted design, then another coat of clear, so you would at least see the granite base. Little people might notice that the actual rocks are pretty and I'm releasing these today around town as I run errands for work. Of course I had to theme them all Cape Coddy...because they are traveling rocks you see. I imagine the lobster will get left at Aldi's. I mean, it makes sense right?

It's a kick ass game around these parts. My Facebook Feed alternates about people bitching about statues, other people bitching about people bitching about statues, the I hate Trumpers, the I hate the People Who Don't Hate Trumpers, and lots and lots of little people with happy faces showing their pretty new found treasures. Since I personally like my goverment a little farther away and something I don't have to worry about & these days it's inches from your face...I need those rock photos!

It's pretty popular here in Steuben County probably partially in part because we have a lot of tourists and some of these rocks are traveling, making the game interesting. I also figure the rest of the rock artists just need a break from the news and need to get painty. The hiding them outside where it's pretty and the news isn't on is an extra bonus. Throw in a few kids doing happy rock dances? Icing on the cake. I'm in!

On a side note, who else thinks Michaels should organize a friendship rock painting party for Trump and his peeps? Maybe a couple of soothing Art Therapy hours of painting little American flags and writing inspirational messages will pay off and everything will run a little more smoothly. The Secret Service won't allow any rock slinging or writing things like YOU ARE FIRED.

Well, I'm off to hide rocks and hide from the news! Happy Tuesday!

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  1. love these rocks!! Still just thinking about painting rocks... no actual painting going on. Maybe we should make our next crop about painting rocks... hmm... wonder how the other ladies would feel about that?


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