Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Easter Bonnet

So, the other day, my friend Lisa says...let's go to JoAnne Fabric in Malone. I was like, sure, no problem. Now, all you people reading this from civilization are thinking, so? Yeah, I know. A trip to any of the craft stores from where we're from is 20-30 minutes away. Malone is more like a good solid hour. But, I am writing this to show my progress! I am getting into the swing of things...I jumped at the shopping opportunity AND didn't think twice about the drive. Well, Lisa drove so no complaints from me there!! Anyhow, while there Lexi picked out items for her Easter Bonnet she needed to make for school. Well, I say picked. Mostly she stared at the wall with all the birds and butterflies and changed her mind eight times over on which ones she wanted. And then she thought maybe we should put FLIP FLOPS on this hat. I was like, really? I think she just wanted Lime Green Flip Flops...but it was a good idea. Part of the assignment was a possibly using a recyled item. I like to call this REVERSE RECYCLING. It's nice, everything is safety pinned on. So, when this bonnet returns home, voila! We have a new summer hat and flip flops that will get used. The flowers were a blast. I had just read a post the other day about using coffee filters. I made one to try and put everything out for her to make her own. She is really quick at making flowers. And they are so pretty!! I will post a card I made with scraps that shows how pretty they are! Anyhow, we had lots of fun on this project!

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  1. Great job Lexi. You need to show me how to do the flowers.


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