Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I spotted this page a while back in the most recent CTMH magazine and wanted to do a page like it with buttons. Of course that meant I had to BUY a whole ton of buttons, but that was also fun! Here is my take on it! I decided to use this pictures of my desk in response to a challenge on The Studio's blog. If you want to see it, click HERE. Basically the challenge was to:
create a page about a place that is significant to you - What does that place mean to you? Maybe it has great memories or not so great memories. It could be a town, a house or even a whole country!
I spend a large chunk of my day at my desk. It has a great view onto the field in front of the house and also is my connection to the outside world with two computers, a cell phone, house phone and ipad. Not to mention itunes. Did you spot the dog sleeping under my desk? That is his normal spot all day!

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  1. what lovely layouts..I especially love the second one with the half circle with buttons!!


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