Thursday, November 17, 2011

Half of a Whole

So, the first inspiration for this page was from The Color Room's Challenge #84. I loved the colors, but wasn't sure what page I wanted to make. So, I paired it up with the latest challenge out on Once Upon A....Sketch that requires that your page use their sketch and also the following:

Journaling criteria: This time the journaling criteria focuses on YOU as a woman OR ANY female in your life. What is the best thing about being a woman? Motherhood? Shopping? Make Up? Girls nights? Gossip? Your journalling can be as long as you wish and in any language, but you must journal at least 2 sentences on the best part of being a woman.

So, with a color challenge the intent is obviously to match the colors up. I can say, feel like I succeeded getting the right "tones" but failed miserably when I added my splashes of red. So, I am going to admit right here for you all to read that it was deliberate. My friend Kristy sent me the glittery sparkle scroll pieces, my page had that lovely red bodied dragon fly, and I wanted to incorporate a heart into the layout. I do LOVE how it turned out and I'm claiming that the splash of color in the flowers on the table made me do it! 

I also hope I accomplished my goal with my journaling. I must admit I showed this page to THE MAN and he wrinkled up his nose. 

Pratt: What exactly does Half of a whole mean? 
Me:  Did you read the journaling?
Pratt: I read the story, if THAT is what you mean.
Me:  Well on a scrapbook page, it's called journaling. 
Pratt:  Well, in my world it would be the STORY
Me:  Well, I was going for the whole ying/yang thing, you know where two people who are married make a whole.....

His eye balls were crossed so I gave up. I left with the knowledge that my Woman Brain had caused his inferior man brain to stop working, retreating in a huff to Woman's World upstairs with my glitter and paper. Glue may have been a more appropriate title. Women are typically the one person who holds all the parts of a household together. Or at least, that is how it works here. I came home recently from a week long business trip and everyone was grouchy. I thought they would have been excited to see me. Nope, they were holding a grudge that I had gone at all. Evidently it had been a rough week. 

Well, back to the page. I flipped the sketch and moved a few things around to get it to work. I really liked the Bo Bunny Back to Basics paper I used for my letters (yes, put the Silhouette to work) and Pink Paislee Dragonflies sheet was VERY awesome, perfect indeed. I'm fond of dragonflies. The flowers I made from a pattern I picked up a garage sale. They are super simple and always turn out happy crumpled. 

The photo was one Marilyn took of Nate and I during our Halloween Party. I was getting picked on for something. I may have started it though. I have seen the technique lately that the photo gets recessed behind a pop dotted page and I am loving the idea. And I wanted it to look imperfect to match all my crinkled up cheese cloth that was dyed ages ago for Christmas cards that are still not finished. Guess I should get on those and stop playing around with challenges!!! 


  1. Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous! Love the colors for this one! The oval pic and beautiful mix is perfect! Wonderful journaling as well! Tks. for playing along with us at OUAS!

  2. Love it, Love it. The colors are warm and cuddly, adding to the photo. I noticed the pinecones too.(fit in perfectly). Great job, Mitra.

  3. Stunning LO Mitra! I adore this color palette and your details are just perfect. I can so relate to your journaling!! Thanks for joining in at OUAS =)

  4. This is beautiful Mitra! I loooooove your journaling so much. You are so right! It is just the same in our household but we girls really ice the cake on this whole marriage & parenting thing & secretly our hubbies love it :) Thanks for playing along at Once Upon a Sketch :)

  5. I love your journaling and could not agree more with what you say.
    Your page is exquisite and I am so happy you played along with this challenge. Thank you!

  6. You say tomato, I say say journaling, he says story...LOL..ahhh, gotta love our men!
    Well, after exiting stage left and retreating in a huff to your woman cave, you've most certainly produced a treasure for both you and the DH and the kids!
    Everything is detailed perfectly and the photo of you two is adorable!!
    Great work, yet again. :)

  7. Just beautiful!!! Love the color scheme too! You've done a fantastic job with the sketch! Thanks for playing along at OUAS!

  8. wonderful journaling and well done page!
    Thanks for playing along with us at OUAS!

  9. wow. your layouts always such depth of thought behind them.. this one is amazing.. and i agree about the woman being the glue.. things would soon fall apart around here if i didn't glue it all together... fabulous post..

  10. I love reading your posts and what inspires you for your pages. I love how you have used the palette and the sketch. Fabulous work Mitra. Thanks for joining us at OUAS.

  11. Hi dear Mitra! How are you? It feels like a long time since I visited your blog last! Your work is incredibly amazing. LOVE what you have done with the sketch.

    The layers and colours of this are gorgeous and the theme is just perfect for this challenge.

    I hope you are well and thanks for joining us at OUAS.Thank you always for supporting us.

    Love, nadia.

  12. This is such a gorgeous page.
    Thanks for playing along at Once Upon A Sketch.

  13. Love how you did the journaling! Thanks for joining OUAS

  14. Just love the way you've mixed these two challenges into one absolutely awesome page!


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