Thursday, June 21, 2012

Altered Frosted Bottle Using Nice Crane Designs Image

So a while back I fell in love with a bottle of blue cheese dressing. Of course, it was that I had discovered that I actually LIKED the store brand blue cheese at Walmart. Being both cheap and good, it was awesome.

BUT I must admit the bottle caught my eye first.

Do you ever buy groceries with the intent of reusing the netting or container?  Please tell me I am not the only freak on this earth that does that.

So, kept this bottle on the edge of my desk for 312 months. Finally one Friday night I asked THE MAN if we could sand blast it. I mean, I knew we had a sand to use it and whether we had sand was another thing. And yes, we lead exciting lives here at the Pratt house.

Ten minutes later I am holding a wand wearing safety glasses and a huge face mask. An hour later, the darn thing was finally frosted.

THE MAN left out the part where it would take a bit. He sat on the lawn mower (very good seat) with a glass of wine and watched.

It is always amusing to watch your wife get pelted with sand.The next best thing is when she asks you to cut a piece of scrap lumber at just the right spot that is the right shade of grungy...but I am sure he could tell you all about that...

Here is a close up so you can see the image with the shells I used on the bottom.

This is another of the series I used yesterday from Nice Crane Designs. I LOVE THE WHOLE SERIES.

Please go check out what Ignacio has for sale. GOOD STUFF!!!

Not sure the violets are the right thing for my jar, but they too came from a thrift store, so were the right price..and perhaps the perfect item will come along...

And one more photo so you can see what I did to the image. I had originally printed this image out on plain old printer paper and covered ever so gently with modge podge. Things will run if you aren't careful. Lucky for me, it only ran just a bit when I added the crackle glue and gave me this water colored look. Very sea like you think???

AND, for all of you enduring winter, I'll post a flower photo to cheer you up. Keep in mine we have like 10 weeks of summer I have to enjoy it while I can!!!

HAPPY THURSDAY, creeping into the weekend.....


  1. Wowwww Mitra, i love your frosted bottle with my aodrable little girl on it,,,waht incredible creativity yours,,,,,,,horayyyy for Mitra. hip, hip hurra.

  2. Beautiful!!!! Loving that vintage beach image and loving the butterfly! Looks GORGEOUS!!

  3. Wow! Love this! What a great way to dress up the bottle...looks fab!

  4. He, "The MAN" should really be photographing these things you speak of! I could get a glass of wine and laugh, er um..learn too!

    I love the bottle, I love that the bottle was cheap, I love the new look of the bottle VERY MUCH! :)

    So happy you're on Nicecrane!

  5. LOL at your story! No you are not the only one checking out the bottles and containers in the store. I once bought a bottle of really nasty flavored water (ended up pouring them out) just for the pretty bottles they came in!
    Gorgeous altering of this lowly dressing bottle and love the end results of your image! I have to agree with Lisa would be so 'educational' for all of us!

  6. How fabulous this bottle looks, and yes i have in the past bought something with the intention of ditching the contents as soon as possible so I can use the container!! haha.. so you are not the only one!! I love the look of the picture with the colors running a bit.. it does look very beachy!! always love coming by to see what fun you have been up too!!

  7. Looks like a great way to spend a few hours!!! I'm LURVE my lap top!!! And the Nicecrane image is is that copper wire:):):) And your flowers are just luverly...short season or not. Picture, buying fruit in screw top plastic jars, enough so I could put scrappy flowers in them [colour co-ed of course]...only to decide once they're all in said jars, that I wasn't out they go. Flowers, not jars!!! They'll come in handy, some day....Yep, often buy stuff for shapes & sizes rather than contents. Just don't tell DH:):):)

  8. Love that cheery flower pot and great job on your work of art with that bottle - looks amazing!!


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