Friday, June 29, 2012

Hay is for Horses

So, the other day the Farmer Dude that cuts our back field showed up.

There is really no call before, you just look out back and a big ole green tractor is cutting the hay.

Can you see the hay there in nice little strips all laid down?

Farmer dude will then come by for a few more days and fluff it with a special attachment on his tractor so it all dries.

It also means it's very hot and dry too when they start cutting.

And boy was it ever hot and dry here for a couple of days straight.

I thought my brain was gunna boil!!!

My sis in law from South Africa I mean South Carolina I mean North Carolina texted me and said, WHAT HEAT ADVISORY for Potsdam NY?

I texted her back and said I was working nude.

Honestly, no not working nude, but our houses really aren't built for heat.

We build them to HOLD the heat in the winter, which means they also hold the heat in the summer.

OK, so I may have been working semi nude when the UPS guy showed up. Just wearing a bra (AND SHORTS THANK YOU VERY MUCH), which covers more than a bikini top when I hear KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK.

The dogs of course then start their barking. Fat lot of good that does. I have no warning.

Smart girl I am, I do not freeze, I yell ummmmmmmholdon!!! And run for the stairs which are in a direct line of the open door that the UPS dude was standing at.

I think I gave the guy a heart attack as he threw my package on the deck and I heard stones flying on his way out the driveway...

Thankfully, the heat wave has passed and the hay is all rolled into these lovely shapes.

If I was more Monet like I'd paint them. I love looking at them. They will eventually show up with a skid steer and load them into a huge hay wagon, which I suppose means I should keep my shirt handy....


  1. Oh, so funny Mitra. How about the leftover spots and the paranoid guys?

  2. Thanks for the giggle and the Love those pics and I just cannot imagine hot at the moment. We are freezing here....Bring on Summer.

  3. Sounds like it's all happening in Lawrence (??) County!!!!!! It'll give the UPS guy something to talk about!!!! The hay reminds me of my child hood....lovely to look at:):):)

  4. Sweet! Love the gorgeous pics...looks so peaceful!

  5. Thanks for your story of the hot days you are having,, and the lack of clothing,,, we are in fact in the middle of winter, with layers of clothing and no hay as the lucerne is slower growing in winter.. My hubby used to grow the stuff they make into hay, and I have in fact drivin the tractor while they turn it into bales and load it onto a trailer, but they were in the small bales not the big round bales!! so yes I can relate.. and the smell of curing hay is fabulous!! keep ya shirt close too...

  6. We had heat waves in May (upto 44C) in South India. Our groundwater levels fell drastically and we had to buy water at premium prices and not just for drinking !!! I just received the air-conditioning bills :(((
    It is monsoon now and it is pouring cats & dogs. However it is very humid and we continue to have the AC on through the night. At least we will have water.
    Issues everywhere *sigh* Shona just blogged abt flash floods in her area!!!

  7. So I had a fabulous 'picture ' in my mind as you dashed for your shirt!LOL No wonder the UPS guy sped out of the driveway... perhaps he has had too many 'close enounters!' They do have the reputaion deserved or not!
    Love the hay bales... one for the memory banks always! Gretchen

  8. LOL! Oh what a story you can tell! At least you made his day exciting!!
    Living out in the country, we occasionally venture by an open door in some state of undress. Of course, we can always hear the farmer coming with his huge tractor before he could see anything. Never thought about the UPS man... Guess I need to be more careful too!

  9. I know they make signs like, "Beware of Dog" or "Private Property" but you should make one for such UPS occasions...
    "Warning, residents feel clothing is optional. Ring bell at your own risk."


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