Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Red Solo Cup FIL Layout

Alright. Is Red Solo Cup only a song we have here in the States?? Do ya all know what I am talking about?

I mean, I doubt you have Red Solo cups in Australia???? South Africa????? UK???

And yes, the song is the unedited version. It's Tody Keith. It has to be the unedited version. Wrong yet very very funny.

And to be fully fair for Father's Day, I had to do a page about THE MAN'S DADDY. Papa Pratt. The dude that stole THE MAN away from me for EIGHT LONG DAYS to Vegas. YES, I still love him even though he said next summer is the fishing trip to Canada. I mean we got fish here...just not any um....oh you get the picture...

Huge thanks to Marilyn who caught the boys looking at our new Kubota at our last Fall party and snapped a few photos for me through the garage window. I know, she is amazing!

Used a GREAT SKETCH by Heather.  THANKS HEATHER, this one really rocks!

Used a new paper pack from Close to My Heart that Kristy sent me called Pemberly. LOVE how the flowers turned out. Big huge thanks to Lizzy for the little black ones!!! 

Hope you like the page, Papa Pratt!!! ;-)


  1. Nope - we don't have that in the UK. Could see my Li'l Bro and his mates taking to it though!

  2. Um I don't know what your red solo cup is all about either! but that is a great sketch and fabulous layout!!

  3. Especially like those cute cream colored flowers. How did you make them? And yes, thanks for putting that song into my head yet again.(will be humming it all day) teehee

  4. Totally love that song! That is my finest dish setting ya know. Only on very special occasions do I pull out the blue ones.

    MAN-tastic page!!

  5. Defs a US thing I'm thinking! Great LO though
    Alison xx

  6. Now this is one manly page-tractors and adult beverages in red solo cups... Let's have a party... (that will be in my head all day now!)
    Fantastic page and such great pictures to capture their relationship!

  7. Ooooh I thought I had commented here...I tried to from my phone anyway!! Great take on the sketch and nope I have absolutely no idea what a red solo cup is - you need to explain it to us in another post!!


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