Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Little Altered Pooh Box using the Scraptastic June Kit with Artistic Drips

OK, this little card sized box started off as a Winnie the Pooh Box and was donated by Marilyn for some altering.  No before photos since I wasn't exactly even sure if I'd love it when I was done. SOOOO, can you imagine it for me? Add in some puffy stickers I had to peel off that kinda made some little wrinkles...YES, it was ugly.

My easy technique for fixing all that is ugly is spray paint. It happens to be spray paint season here as well as black fly season and turtle migration season. I personally like spray paint season the best.

I can get all crazy with a can of spray in the driveway stones due to the fact it's finally warm. Usually THE MAN shows up all huffy and reminds me of wind direction, vehicles in close proximity, what color the driveway stones are turning and all that jazz. I think he lacks vision sometimes when he starts pointing out drips...poor baby is married to a spray paint artist and must just adjust.

I have fallen in love with this super bright collection from Scraptastic and I thought a box would be a sweet thing to alter. Not much of it left in my kit either. ;-(

PLUS, they have a CLUSTER challenge up over on the blog. I like clusters, They remind of chocolate and peanuts and...

OH sorry. I think I might need to go grab a snack. That is what happens when you put off writing your post for tomorrow until 8:55 in the evening.

OK so back to clusters of the paper variety.

So, here are a couple shout outs to some awesome paper divas. HELEN, thank you so much for reminding me to dust off this paper doily. And Marivic, I told you I'd be talking about you AGAIN today on my blog. She sent me that awesome enamel piece that actually inspired the entire box! It came with a Zeus and Zoe kit and I have been hoarding it ever since. I even had to pry 11 year old girl paws off it since she also fell in love.

And, speaking of artistic misunderstood drips....

A little spray paint in the inside with some mists dripping down. Oh paint, how I love thee.

AND it is officially HUMP day by the time you are reading this, so I am wishing you a nice graceful slide down into the weekend from here!


  1. Paint drips. YUM. Almost as yummy as clusters - of any variety!!!!! And I've fallen in lurrve with your ladybug...she sits there so beautifully. Have no idea what it looked like before - but after? YUM-ILICIOUS:):):):)

  2. Love your little box. The cluster is so cheery, it makes me happy inside just looking at it. Yes, you are a spray paint diva. Great job, Mitra.

  3. Spray paint fixes all ugly!!?? wow! well it sure makes that box look pretty spiffy!! and the bright cluster really pops on top of the box! good on you.. and who cares about wind direction and drips.. all in the name of art!!!

  4. Your art work is appreciable.I like the art work which you have done above the box.

  5. "When I up, down, and touch the puts me the mood. When I up down and touch the ground, in the mood for FOOD!" I still have my whinnie the pooh LP and it seemed a fitting verse with 'clusters' n' all. I love it and I think even Pooh would be proud. :)

  6. Oh wow! This came out really nice! LOve it!

  7. I absolutely love this box. It's gorgeous!!!! I think I need some spray paint. LOL Your husband doesn't understand how important multicolored driveway rocks are. ROFLOL

  8. I spotted the enamel piece immediately..gorgeous!
    Alison xx

  9. How did you let the paint drip?

    Very pretty work Mitra! Oooh...lady bug for sure is getting a lot of buzz.

    Thanks for sharing..

  10. You are seriously challenging my resolve to get a report out today! That box has me spiraling into vacation thought mode. Only 12 days to go.

  11. Ooohhh...this is way too cool! Gorgeous repurposing of that box and the lid...AMAZING!! I've only had a little experience with spray painting for classroom projects, but can see where this would become extremely addictive! There's just something about that glossy shine from a can!

  12. Excellente!! Happy Hump Day (2 days late LOL)

  13. This is so pretty -- from the glossy box to the drips to the dotted doily and the paper streamer!


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