Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trouble in Paradise Or a Hater Letter to St. Lawrence County

St. Lawrence County Attorney &
Mr. Honorable Highway Dude 
County Court House
48 Court Street
Canton, NY  13617

Dear Mr. Honorable Highway Dude &  the St. Lawrence County Attorney:

We are sending this letter to you with regret that previous efforts to settle our issue with our mailbox were unsuccessful despite numerous conversations via the phone and e-mail. 

We contacted you by phone and by e-mail on June 22nd concerning damage done to our mailbox.
The contracted paving crew that was the responsibility of Mr. Honorable Highway Dude pushed our mailbox post causing our mailbox to be unbalanced. Please see photo 1 & 2. Upon discovering the damage, I e-mailed and called. We then fixed the damage over the weekend ourselves. Even though I was home all day, no one stopped in to let me know of this damage.

Yesterday we discovered our mailbox in the ditch. Please see photo 3 & 4. Again, this morning I called and e-mailed. 

At the point of my e-mail, a third person hit our mailbox leaving their truck mirror in our ditch. Please see photo 5. Again, I called. 

My husband came home from work and again I called to find out what we were to do because despite Mr. Honorable Highway Dude's assurances that his lackey would be “right over” I was left without any communication. It seemed critical to me that our mailbox be moved to keep any further damage from occurring to vehicles. Evidentally, safety was not a concern of St. Lawrence County. 

It is clearly obvious that due to road alignment changes from the paving project, our mailbox had now become a hazard for vehicles travelling on our road at high speeds. 

Being good citizens, we have fixed the issue ourselves at a cost of losing a half day of work and $94.57. The mailbox has been moved a good 10 inches back from the road. WHICH WAS NOT THERE PREVIOUSLY BECAUSE YOU WIDENED IT WITH MORE BLACK TOP DUH! (That was when you pushed the mailbox back because, hey, it was in the way of the paving machine)

I will say I regret my interactions with Mr. Honorable Highway Dude. I initially found him an honest and sincere individual but now believe him to be confused and misled as the evidence clearly indicates that something has changed causing motorists to hit our mailbox repeatedly. That change would be widening the road. 

And to you fine folks that hit our mailbox twice in two days, thanks for stopping in to let me know.

Oh that is right, you just kept on going. Well, I am pretty sure our cost to replace our mailbox was a bit cheaper than your mirror. If you want it back, we are holding it ransom looking for an apology. 


THE MAN and his VERY angry wife

P.S.  A cleaner version of this letter going out tomorrow certified mail to the county. SUCKS when you annoy a blogger, right? 

P.P.S and St. Lawrence County? I hope you are ashamed of yourself. This is nuts. We are good honest hardworking taxing paying people here. I would have invited you in for coffee. Not anymore. After two nice years here, I am now a bit of a hater. 


  1. Have a hug. xx I bet you're in need of some emergency crafting to lower your BP Mitra. That poor mailbox and you could have had important stiff like craft supplies waiting to be picked up too. I hate government bodies. I been waiting 2 months to see if I can get some rent relief payments, good job I have a bit saved for it.

  2. Woops. Mt H'way Dude Man's BIG problem? Making THE man & HIS wife angry. Silly Dude. Hope you bagged the mirror for DNA evidence. Send it to Law & Order Franchise - sure there's a case for them in all this somewhere. VERY very annoying & frustrating, government departments are! Good luck!!!:):):)After those glorious town shots yesterday, you've just put me off moving to NY Upstate:):):)

  3. Oh my goodness... perhaps put your mailbox on a tree if there is one near your drive way.. that way hopefully people will see a tree.... but then .... may be not ... we get people crashing their cars into trees all the time over here.. what a nuisance for you...

  4. Government departments seem to be the same everywhere!

  5. Oh, how frustrating! You could always encase the mailbox and post in concrete! Might not stop people from hitting it, but would definitely make it easier to track them down from a hit and run!!
    Hope they come to their senses and do the honorable thing...

  6. I feel for you! Back growing up on state highway 37 we lost mailboxes every year to both snowplows as well as the mowers, never was there ever an apology or a replaced mailbox! It's ridiculous, even worse when mail is in the box when they smack it and fill it full of snow! It's very frustrating good luck with your battle!

  7. How disgraceful! I hope you have made some headway with this and found someone somewhere with some good manners. So sorry they made you feel annoyed and disheartened!


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