Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Growing Sunflowers & Children: Layout at Once Upon a....Sketch

Soo a very long while back, I was asked to create a page for Once Upon a...Sketch as part of being on the design team for Zeus & Zoe as we are sponsoring their challenge.

 I say it was a long time ago for the main reason the sun flowers I made a page about are now knee high!!

So, the challenge over at Once Upon a....Sketch is:  Birthdays

Ideas for Journaling: Most memorable birthday celebration for you or anyone in your family, the last birthday you celebrated and tell us your thoughts on turning this age, your child's/other family member's birthday and your thoughts on their age, a birthday that was a turning point in your life and your excitement/fears or other thoughts you had, an upcoming birthday for you or anyone and your thoughts, the best birthday present you ever received/gave and why?. You can also base your layout on a non - person birthday. This means your birthday theme can be based on : a pet, a business venture, a milestone anniversary etc etc. Its up to you how you interpret "BIRTHDAYS"

So you may be wondering how sunflowers pertain to birthdays...ah yes. Let me explain by showing you my hidden journaling card. In a nutshell (and yes, I am making a joke here) at our last Fall party, the kids that were running like wild dogs around the place decided to eat fresh sunflower seeds right off the actual sun flowers. This spring we had little baby sunflowers growing everywhere!!! 

Like kids, sunflowers grow fast!!

Here is a close up of the new seedlings I added to my layout.

See? Just babies. 

AND same baby is now ginormous. Kinda like my kids, just give them a little sunshine and some good food and wham bam, they are dating. 

Here is a side view of my page so you can see the depth. AND, more importantly, Marivic's amazing delicious tag for sale over at her Etsy Shop. Can you see my bird tag sneaking out from under it? Love hidden journaling!

Here is also another photo of my title that I added gesso to to make it blend in with the paper.

And one more close up of my hand made flowers and some netting from an onion bag that matched nicely. Loved throwing this scrap of paper I had left over under them as this was right around Halloween, but I didn't want to use those colors!!

Anyhow, Happy Hump Day!!


  1. I have missed sooooo much of your work....actually came up on the net today...SERIOUS YAY!!!!!! Too much to say...but good luck with creative call -that frame & especially butterfly. YUM! Just adore sunflower power LO too... & those reds on the man LO ...more yum. I'll have to go away more often, if this creative storm is the result. Works for me!!!!:):):)

  2. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww! This is GORGEOUS!! LOVING all the layers, the photo and the flowers!!

  3. How creative this is, I love the analogy of the sunflowers how they grow so fast, and life does feel like that sometimes, before you know it you have had so many birthdays and the kids are grown.. etc etc.. I love the hand made sun flowers.. you are always so wonderfully creative and think outside the box when it comes to themes and layouts!!

  4. Gorgeous LO..and great link between growing kids and flowers!
    Alison xx

  5. Wow! This is awesome! Love everything about it! Simply gorgeous!

  6. Amazing Collage,,,,I love your funny back sheet at top right,,,and you place so many ornaments here,,,wowww it took me a long time to watch them all,,.....gorgeus...

  7. What a gorgeous tag and layout! Love those layered up flowers!! I remember growing my own sunflower as a kit - it became absolutely ginormous!!

  8. Love the shades of gold and yellow on this and the hidden pictures. Such a wonderful story to create your analogy to the kids too! Another absolutely gorgeous page!

  9. Wow!wow!wow! I just love this layout too bits!! Love the whole story behind your sunflowers and the lush texture on this creation is just to die for! (hugs)


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