Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sandstone Book

So, last week I blogged about a multi media challenge over at Zeus & Zoe.

YOU have lots and lots of time left to get it done. The 15th of July to be exact, so have at it!!!

I did want to pop back in and show you what I am using my little Potsdam book for. I am storing it on a scrapbook page in a book I am making all about me. So, lets start with the title:  Sandstone. I am referring to Potsdam Sandstone.

The Town of Potsdam is well known for this beautiful rock formation. Bands of Red and White sand make this rock highly sought after. It was originally mined for buildings in the 1800's.

As you can imagine, plenty of the town is made out of this building material.

Here is the local cemetery. I would LOVE to take some photos with these rocks as backdrops.

And another shot of the building out front.

Of course, my FAVORITE building in Potsdam is referred to as the Little Castle and is on Fall Island. How romantic is that!

It's for Sale. For $150,000. A steal. Take a look at the photos on the listing. The inside is really cool done in  Victorian Art Nouveau style.  LOVE IT!!

THAT is where I got my tattoo and might explain partially WHY I got it. I fell in love with the romantic notion of getting a tattoo in a castle on an island on our adventure up here in the North County. Well, that and several very strong Margaritas from the Cantina sealed the deal. 

And right about now, Lizzy Hill is saying.....AND....where is the photo of SAID TATTOO.

Oh Lizzy I will give you a hint!!!

It's a dragon fly like the one I used on my page!!!

At some point, I will do a page on it which means I'll have to actually get a photo that I like....

I made that dragon fly out of this clear film that can be molded with a heat gun. 

Used a similar technique I found out here on Anna's Layers of Ink blog.

So, this page & mini book are storing some photos of downtown Potsdam for me. As I snap more when I am out and about, I will add them to this book. 

Here are another couple to give you a feel for Small Town America. Photo of Main Street in Potsdam. 

AND, here is one of the little craft store I hit every now and again. Like most things in the North County, it's very understated from the outside. Let me know if you figure out what that graffiti says. Something about Art BLAH BLAH BLAH guns. I tried asking, but they didn't know in the store either.

I have taken at least one photo of that very weathered looking door with thoughts of turning it into background paper on my 12 by 12 printer at some point. 

As our adventures take us through life, I never know when we might find ourselves off elsewhere. For now I am enjoying our little town made of Sandstone. And if at some point we wander off elsewhere, I will treasure my little book even more. 


  1. A dragon how did you come up with that? Yes! Wanna see it. NOW!!!! Meanwhile - great idea for a li'l book...might do that myself! I like the idea of the castle on the island too...just not the tatt!!! Love your cover. Spent all arvo working on my entry! Almost your small town. I'd never want to leave:):):)

  2. & just checked out the real estate...I wanna buy it & make a restaurant !!!!!!

  3. Oh lovely layout and I love the beautiful old stone buildings, what story's they must hold inside those walls!!

  4. Too stunning! I just loooooooooooved your photo series!! So quaint!! I am definitely planning a US "tour" so you better check that spare room of yours! When is the best month?! Not too sure about actually BEING in that snow...

  5. Just had a brainwave!! I need a photo of you!! Quick!! Before the 15th - hint hint!!!

  6. Art BEFORE guns...

    I'm packing now! I love my small town, but I love yours better. Will order that fun stuff soon. Just have to figure out what I really don't need and order LOTS of it.

    You've given me an idea...

  7. Love your photos of your sandstone town Mitra. Hope you get to stay there long enough to finish your book. Great idea. xx

  8. I'm with Lisa on the graffiti...not a very clear 'before' but that's what it looks like. Beautiful pictures of your town and a gorgeous layout! Now my wheels are turning... taking pictures of my favorite places...


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