Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Eclipse Page for Scrapfriends and where I may just be a SAP

HEYYYYYYY!!!! Welcome new followers from the Berry71Bleu blog hop!!!

 I am so super excited you do realize that I love to find new people to talk to. Not to mention stalk too. I like to play along with challenges, so if you have one you are really into, give me a shout out and I'll try to hang with ya. I do intend to check your blogs out shortly!!!!

Lizzy Hill is on the team over at ScrapFriends, so therefore, I am there like white on rice. 

Here is their super cool sketch which I may have taken a few liberties with. Anyhow, without it, I would not have decided to cut that photo in three above!

Let me catch you up a bit as this page will make no sense to you unless I give you some background. 
A couple of months ago, THE MAN (aka the hubby) was invited by his Dad to go to Las Vegas on a guy's trip. I really wanted THE MAN to go. Aside from all the interesting photo texts I believed I would receive, I thought that it was a good time for him to spend time with his Dad. I mean, we never know how much time we have left to soak up fun. 

Did try to convince THE MAN that I too could be a guy. Did not work. Boobs and inability to write my name in snow must have been a dead give away. 

So (and here is a keen insight to the female mind) aside from the fact I begged him to go, Carpe Diem and all that jazz, I was super annoyed he DID go. Yes, try explaining THAT to the male brain.

So, did great with the first half of the week. The second half I moped and avoided talking to THE MAN for fear I would make him miserable 8 trillion miles away. 

When he did get home with his iphone and I got over my sulk, I realized that he had quite a few cool photos I should scrap. 

For instance, while he was there, he enjoyed watching a lunar eclipse. As in a real moon, not some night club show. 

I took the liberty of making the photo MINE and adding some lyrics that kinda fit in with my mood while he was gone.

We are not telling him that I missed him, OK?

So used a few lyrics from Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart

And I am sure you will notice these super cool amazing flowers on the bottom corner along with some itty bitty cards. The cards and the super glittery cool flower were a gift from Irini who I think comes up with the coolest color combinations EVER. She is selling them in her Etsy store, so have a wander over there and check them out. No doubt when everyone finds out about them, she will wear out her fingers knitting!!!!

So, anyhow welcome and I am wishing you a happy hump day early!!! (Ha HELEN!!! LOL)


  1. My goodness, what a stunning photo and I love how you have cut it into 3!! and the touch of embellishments really is enough! a fabulous take on the sketch..

  2. U r so clever with words & with ideas!!!! This LO just proves it:):):) amazing thing 2 c. Am doing this on the iPad .... Getting better at it! Irini's flowers are incredible,too. C yours on mine? Look pretty dang good 2!!!! And I am just in the middle of doing a LO where I've cut up my piccies 2. Seriously. Weird, huh??!!!

  3. Mitra, this is so amazing!! I love what you did with the photo, and I love the embellies clustered at the bottom...gorgeous!

  4. Loving that photo and the lyrics you added!! LOVING the playing cards too!!!! This is AWESOME!!!

  5. What a neat lo! Love what you've done with the sketch!The embellies are so cute...looks perfect!

  6. I toatally get the encouraging to go and then getting the grump... is definitely a female thing.

    love the photo, he's a clever man to give you such a cool photo to play with. and the cards/flowers work so very well.


  7. I was meaning to ask you if his Vegas winnings covered the cost of the turtle experience? lol..might be incentive for him to stay home next time. Ha!
    Excellent page. I really really dig this one. The lyrics are excellent and with the cards and Irini's flower work, it's exceptional work here! :)

  8. Oh my G*d this layout is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
    I have been MIA asy pc finally passed away in the early hours this morning!!! So I have not been able to stalk blogs etc I am attempting to write this comment on my phone but it is like trying to read a book through a key hole .......the enbellies look fabulous ok so I cannot correct my typos!!!!!!thank you much for doing them justice!!!!

  9. Gorgeous page Mitra. Just loving that sentiment/lyrics. The song came to mind immediately - now I will have it on the brain for who knows how long...Feel for you, I know what you mean, I encourage mine to do the things he wants too and he deserves to do them but it is such a struggle coping alone...

  10. Still cheating on that hump day thing I say LOL...but right back at ya!!

  11. this lo is INCREDIBLE, Mitra! Just love, love, love it!!!!

  12. Oh I just love that song. I will be singing it all day now.
    What awesome photos and just love how they take up the page yet there are still some beautiful embellishments surrounding them.

  13. Such an amazing layout! The photo is fantastic and I love the three panels! The little cards tucked in there work perfectly with the story and the flowers are gorgeous!! Had to smile at the workings of the female mind! If we cant' wrap our brains around how we work, how can a man think he might understand? Some things are better left unknown...

  14. Love that photo and this layout! Wow, the large photo looks so wonderful and I love the crackled letters and that you used that song. It used to be one of my favourite songs when I was a teenager.


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