Monday, July 22, 2013

Camp Colby Alumni Layout

In a weird twist of how things work at Pratt Inc. both THE MAN and I attended Camp Colby when we were small people. I am pretty sure I recall watching his family pack him out as my parents signed me into camp, but I cannot confirm the hazy details of when I was 14. My Father in Law also went to Camp Colby.

In a time honored tradition and since she wanted to, we sent Lexi to her first ever week away camp.

While dropping her off, I grabbed a quick photo of THE MAN checking out the dining hall, which by the way still looks pretty much the same as it did long ago.

Now Camp Colby is run by the New York State Dept. of Conservation, so pretty crunchy granola as we'd say in these parts. Not in a bad way, although my parents report that I came home taking shorter showers and ripping napkins in half...

Well, maybe I made up that shower thing...What teen takes a short shower?

Anyhow in the spirit of using up stuff, I made sure I attacked my scraps to make this page!

My favorite part is this banner flag tree I made from them! Little branch was picked up at the camp on our way out!

Happy Monday!


  1. Such a lovely reminder of your younger days and you've created a lovely page to reflect on your return visit with your own child.

  2. Oh these camps are wonderful for making memories and how good is it to send your Dd to one! I hope she makes her own wonderful memories too.. fabulous layout, I do love that flag tree and the window sill too!

  3. Oh yeah...real sticks, like real feathers, makes it all seem more real...& what a time-honored double layered tradition you've got going wouldn't it be a weird twist of fate, if when she was leaving, she sorta saw a boy & his family arriving & a few short teenage years at college know where I'm going??? I think you need to set this up so she's got a ripping good yarn to tell HER grandchildren. Getting a little ahead of myself. LOVE your the the papers you've used:):):)

  4. What a fun story & fun page!! Love the bright colours and your awesome twiggy banner!!

  5. Well crap, I'm obviously reading posts in the wrong direction...LOL. You went there too??!!! Now that's EVEN cooler and the grandparents....I'm totally diggin that! I loved your expression of crunchy granola...we use that here too! I went to a granola U myself. I'm gonna have to say that the flag tree is downright groovy and absolutely captured my vision first thing. LOL...I just had another look at the picture and THE MAN certainly makes the chairs look so tiny. So funny when you revisit places of your youth and the surroundings always seem so miniature.
    Incredible LO and the use of your scraps is perfection my friend!
    Kansas granola


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