Thursday, July 18, 2013

For the Love of Shiny

So, recently went to a secondhand store where people consign stuff. Meaning that instead of paying 25 cents for a find, you might pay a whole dollar. I broke the bank with my purchases here. LOVE THEM all to bits!  I honestly have a project in mind that involves a fork and a spoon...for realz!

How do you like that crazy gold metal top for something? A WHOLE DOLLAR! ;-)

THE MAN and my oldest claim it is BATTY, but I only saw the detail and the shimmer!

The second really good thing that happened this week is that the farmer up the road mowed our back field.

Nothing amuses me more than green tractors hard at work. An added bonus would be a broken down tractor with some hot dude driving it but alas, they were all in good working order. ;-(

Today we had a gathering of Turkey Vultures on the recently bailed hay. Might have been holding a team meeting not entirely sure. Imagined they were all talking over each other like my team does.

Turkey Vulture One: So, what do you think of the format of that new progress report I sent out last week?

Turkey Vulture Two:  I think you should used a different color for the main title, but then a double line around your deliverable items in cell N42-58.

Turkey Vulture Boss (who is late):  Hey anyone seen Micah?

Turkey Vulture Three:  I think he's on the phone.

Turkey Vulture Four:  Hey, did you guys see the latest episode of Mice Men?

Turkey Vulture Five:  GUYS GUYS GUYS!! There is this new equipment out there that holds three gyroscopes, three accelerometers and an atomic clock, which, together, work as an autonomous navigation system and will only cost us $150,000 per unit...can we get one?

I got as close as I could to them until my family started yelling from the back step.

Hey Mom, try lying down on the ground and pretend to be dead. You might be able to get a better photo....

Turkey Vultures are not small. Six of them probably could fly off with me. Besides, they might have heard about my new collection of shiny pretty things...I decided a retreat back into the air conditioning was in order just to be safe.


  1. Turkey VULTURES! What fun & they look like a whole heap of Men in Black, to just needed to photoshop in some sunnies for them!!! Cannot WAIT to see what you do to the looks rather yummy just as it is to be honest. I TOTALLY get why you got 'caught' by the glimmer:):)!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Vultures?? I was worried they would come for you if you lay on the ground to get a photo thinking you were their next meal!!! They look big birds too.. and I do see batman in your gold shiny thing.. love the knife and fork too!

  3. Wow!! What dudes those creatures are! Beautiful photos you have taken of them. Those shiny metals are absolutely gorgeous & I would have also picked them up too - magpies that we are!!

  4. Your findings are just beautiful Mitra and yes the ornate circle thingy is a little piece of art itself can't wait to see what you do with that. And as always your stories bring a smile to my face great pics as well.


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