Friday, July 5, 2013

Daisy: 3rd Birthday Layout

North Country peeps know where it's at. When there is no good available holiday to use for party planning, invent one!

Miss Daisy The Coolest Basset Hound on the Planet invited us to her birthday party the other day.

I do believe she is three. Or so Tommy says. Tommy is Daisy's boy and also Luke's good friend. You can see him in the middle there.

As you can see, she is not maybe IN LOVE with wearing a pretty birthday badge and hot pink outfit. Or maybe the gifts on the table were not piling up quick enough. YES, she got presents! ;-)

She showed her dislike about ten minutes after we got there by rolling in some other doggy's doo-doo and had to have a quick wash. Too bad for the lady she met up with in between who gave her a quick pet only to find that she was wearing poo. Well, they were both wearing poo at that point. ;-)

Look at that face though! You really think Daisy meant to be naughty? I used some clear glimmermist on my photo, thought it would make it shimmer, not splotch up, but I don't mind it so much now.

Just a little side view. You can see the depth of my daisies cut with my Silly!

And one more photo of my flowers and a badge that Lizzy Hilly passed my way recently along with her use of the world Silly for the cutting machine we use!

Hope you guys have lots of fun lined up for the weekend, if not, maybe come up with some creative fun! ;-)


  1. HI.. our weekend is half over here, but it is pretty good so far!! I love your layout, and love the fact that if you don't have a holiday occasion, then invent one..hehe... and daisy looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.. I am sure she did like the party deep down inside!!

  2. I have a totally SOFT SPOT for basset hounds, as my DH had one when i met hi called...wait for it...the Name to Outlast All Namess....Luke!!!!!!!!! Anyway, he was big, obstinate, smelly...& the SLOBBER...looks a bit like the mist on your photo...BUT we all loved him...this photo takes me back some. I feel very chuffed to know the '3' badge is used for a Basset....& she sounds a card:):):) Weekend is GREAT. spent most of today scrapping. Finally, YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh you do cheer me up with your zany take on life. lol

    This doogy looks like he's thinking of another way to escape as the doggy doo doos didn't get him chucked out


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