Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Addition to Pratt Inc.

No, no, no babies or puppies are joining the family. (PHEW!)

A couple of weeks back we set up a new printer for the entire house.

It's an HP Wide Format Officejet 7500A.

Wasn't super expensive, I can print off any pc in our house, it prints 12 by 12 and scans 11 by 17. Also can copy and fax. I can't believe it can fax. Not like I'll ever use that but once a year, but still.....

AND!!! It's black not white so matches my scrap area stuff...we all know how important THAT quality is!

So far so good. It prints on the smaller sized photo paper with ease and quietly. Printed a 12 by 12 photo for me very nicely. We are in the dating stages, but things look very promising!

I will let you know how our relationship develops, but so far I'd recommend this printer. And no, HP is not sending me a boat load of printer cartridges to write this. (I WISH!)


  1. Wow this looks pretty spiffy! I hope you have a long and happy and productive relationship!!!

  2. Congratulations, Mitra! I feel strange mentioning this but I just ditched my ancient HP for Canon because the cartridge cost was busting my wallet. The newer ones are cost-effective and ink-efficient...so YAY to your addition (what were you thinking when you put that in your title???)

  3. Hug that precious new addition for me :)

  4. WOW that's one biiigg printer. Happy printing and hope it's the start of a beautiful relationship. You can print 12 x 12. I'm so jealous!!

  5. Looks gorgeous! Sadly here it would no doubt cost a fortune!!

  6. So glad you posted this! I have looked at 12x12s and they were all so expensive that I couldn't see making the investment. I'll have to look into this one!


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