Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Road Side Repair Job Layout

Just a fun page to use this photo I had of THE MAN. He is probably not actually scratching his head over Lexi's bike but might have been resting his hand there to fend off the bugs that were eating us alive..........

Recently we camped near Chimney Bluff State Park. See, we had this grand idea to ride a couple of miles down the road to the State Park and check out these really cool drumlins...and the rocky shore of Lake Ontario. Of course reality hit several miles into it when we realized that her bike was not changing gears and it wasn't exactly all flat. The bugs hit right about then too.....

Good thing he had his multi-tool for the bike so we could keep riding real fast!

Here is a side view of my page. Love those little stripey flowers I made!

Here is a close up of the flowers and pretty little bike sticker I used!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Oh yes! I love your stripey flowers, too...& that row of hearts & the background splats & also that L looks almost as tall as Dad...your girl is growing up FAST!!! Are you ready teehee!!!!!

  2. What's a man without his multi tool??

    We did a hike a few years ago that ended in the biting insect scenario - wish we had a bike then! Love those flowers btw.

  3. It does look like he has a bewildered look on his face, but how clever he has the wonder tool and gets you all back on the road again.. fabulous colors, love the bike embelly!!

  4. The gems inside the cool are those? I love all your quirky, eclectic elements here on this LO. You really preserve the funniest and most wonderful memories. I looked all over for a splatted bug on here, but didn't find one. The back story of what your man is doing is funny enough and I'm glad he saved the day so ya'll could ride FASTER!

  5. Love your mix up patterns LO's they're zany but go so well together!

  6. Lovely little stripey flowers! Great mix here!!

  7. You have the most wonderful talent of combining a variety of embellishments into a wonderful piece of art! Fabulous layout!


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