Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sodus Bay Layout

Got the Thumbs Up from my oldest on this page. Made me feel pretty good. ;-)

Just a simple page to document our recent camping trip to Sodus Bay. I had taken a couple of photos of the kids and THE MAN while we were hanging out on the rocky shore of Lake Ontario. We had brought some snacks and a bottle of wine and were just enjoying the view of the little lighthouse.

While camping I picked up a few things for this page. Those little pine cone type things were growing on trees next to our camp site and the fishing lure was found on the beach! The cones did not come all glittery though, had to add some glitter spray!

Here is a side view of my page so you can see the dimension.

My favorite part of this page is the gap in the middle and the torn strips of paper I used. The banners coming down from the top and the little inked up "Make A Splash" words make me so happy!

And so does that fishing lure I found!

Psst! THE MAN made HUGE fun of me for picking up what he called garbage! I think you should tell him he was wrong! ;-)


  1. wrong he is!! This HAD to go on your LO. It was an obvious sign that it was meant as a reminder for this very day. Well, that and the wine cork... ;)
    Terrific job here on sharing the wonderful family time and congats on the receiving the thumbs up too!
    P.s...please tell me that all is well in the world and NY has Twinkies again?

  2. Love the seaside feel to this page, more memories made and keepsakes cherished. Just love the way you grouped them together.

  3. This looks wonderful.. love the relaxed feel to the photo, love the balance feel to the layout, love the cluster under the middle photo too!!

  4. OK. This is to The Man. You are SOOOOOO WRONG...TOTALLY & ABSOLUTELY!!!! That fishing lure is PURE GOLD...well, YKWIM, Mitra. It will take you straight back there.....& I'm with your Eldest. GREAT the fave is that cluster...full of seaside sunny sparkle!!!
    Oh, & CONGRATS on the Scrap Africa feature..I did sooo adore your patchwork page:):):)

  5. VERY nice - I agree with Lexi - cool page!!

  6. He is so wrong!! Your 'found' embellishments were absolutely perfect for your wonderful page (even if the pinecones didn't come with glitter attached...)! I love the gorgeous turquoise flowers too!


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